Why Who’s Who Named Brian Bonar 2010 Finance Executive of The Year

Many of us who have dreamed of being captains of industry or mavens of the corporate world have likely desired to follow the example of someone who has achieved success in the world of big business. Our idols are probably people who occupy the C-suites of large corporations that have been around for decades if not a century at least. They work for companies that, while fiscally mature, are also predictable.

The people who have mastered these companies have often done so with the benefit of being able to follow a trail that has been well-trodden and paved by other people. The formula for success in these spaces often, though not always, a blueprint that has already been proven. It is not a blueprint that necessarily requires originality, creativity or innovation.

This path is completely different from the path of the entrepreneur. The process of creating a new business from scratch requires the ability to not only multi-task but to learn how to develop the competencies that are required to keep one’s business afloat. There is no proven blueprint for the entrepreneur to follow so they have to create their own blueprint as they go along, iterating their company and its business model until they find something that works best.

Entrepreneurship does not always allow an entrepreneur the privilege of being able to count on a stable salary but succeeding as an entrepreneur arguably demands more of those who take that risk than it does of professionals who take other routes to employment.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is a business owner who has founded companies like Allegiant Professional Business Service Incorporated, Trucept, Smart-tek Automated Services Incorporated and Bezier Systems. He also owns several restaurants in the San Diego area that have built a strong reputation for offering gourmet food that has been prepared by chefs that are among the best in their field.

Bellamy’s, the restaurant that he has invested in Escondido benefitted greatly from his ability to recruit an incredibly talented French chef to lead its kitchen. Publications like the local outlet San Diego Magazine have noted that Brian Bonar’s restaurant Bellamy’s produces meals that are worth taking the time to stop in and enjoy.

Arguably Bonar’s foray into the restaurant industry in his adopted home town of San Diego is helping to make the city a destination for diners that are seeking out world-class food in California locales outside of the Bay Area. It is likely that Bonar’s approach to business, one that spans industries and that leans heavily on the practice of entrepreneurship helped him earn the professional accolade of being named Cambridge Who’s Who Finance Executive of the Year in 2010.

The accolade no doubt underscores the importance of Bonar’s achievement as a professional whose resume demonstrates how dynamic and diverse a career in business can be. The honor that Bonar received from Cambridge Who’s Who is only given to four business people in each industry each year.

Chris Burch’s Multiple Career

Fashion and technology in this era are known to be great partners because they cannot do without each other. Over the years they both have to keep trending as well as helping each other out. It has come to a time that both their future will be determined by their past and present.


The boom box was the main thing in the 70s because those that used it were able to walk around with it as they listen to their favorite music. The next was the two cassette decks it had two sides one for playing music and the other for recording, it kept trending in the 80s. The Walkman was later found during the 90sand made music listening even better. A decade later iPods were invented not only in a technology way but as fashion.


If your fashion does not sell then that’s not really trending fashion that is the reason fashion will need technology to keep going on. Anouk Wipprecht is a fashion designer who is known for her Avant-gande designs. A drink-making dress is what made her to keep rising and also Daredroid as well as Pseudomorphs. All her work is in contribution to technology. The Airbag for a cyclist is another fashion and technology trend. It pops up whenever there is a sign of any danger. It was designed by Terse Alstin and Anna Haupt.

Nevertheless, there are the frontline gloves that were created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, they protect firefighters. It has clearly been seen that fashion and technology will do much better if they keep working together. Their creativity keeps enhancing and becoming even better thus increasing their income.


Chris Burch has more than 40 years in the business industry, he is a serial entrepreneur who has contributed to prosperity in many companies. He specializes in real estate, fashion and technology. he is the founder and serves as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Capturing new market opportunities is the main objective of the firm due to the participation of his entrepreneurship skills and thus initiating well in support, scale and growth. This will result to unique brands that will keep customers coming for more.


Chris Burch has positively influenced the development of more than 50 firms from the year he started as an entrepreneur. Paying attention to the conduct of clients’ ad also professional assistance and experience all over the world has made him successful.

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What you need to know about Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group

Hussain is the CEO, president and founder of the DAMAC group which is a catering company based in the United Arab Emirates. He started the company more than 25 years ago and has managed to expand its influence into the other countries in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS states. Hussain is the principal shareholder in the company with over 85 percent of the shares. This places his networth at around $3.5 million. The company was 100 percent his up until 2013 when he made a decision to sell 15 percent as global depository receipts in the London Stock Exchange.

His journey towards success as a businessman started when he enrolled for an economics degree at the University of Washington. He graduated with honors and immediately joined GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC. The name DAMAC stands for Draieh Management Services,Co and is the name that he gave his company when he started it. This is not the only company that he started in the 90’s. Other companies that he started include DICO investment an Al Jazeira investment company. Al Jazeira has been valued at more than a hundred million dollars and in a bid to expand its influence, the company acquired Al Ahlia Insurance Company, a Bahrain based insurer. Other sectors where he has invested include ceramics as he owns one of the largest ceramics companies in the UAE.

These investments and more have made him a deeply respected member of the society. Besides being a smart entrepreneur, he is also a board member in various institutions, including the Majan University College in Oman. Another interesting thing about Hussain is the fact that the current US President, Donald Trump is one of his close friends and business associates. The two have been doing business together for the longest time and are fond of their business dealings with each other.

Hussain is also a philanthropist and a family man. When he is not spending time in his businesses, he is always at home with his family. His charisma, business sense and influence on the younger generation are the qualities that make him outstanding.

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Hussain Sajwanis Relationship With Donald Trump

Hussein Sajwani is a billionaire developer who lives in Dubai. As a titan in the field of real estate he has hopes of furthering his business relationship with the real estate firm owned by Donald Trump. Trump and Sajwani have worked together before and made billions in sales together. One of their projects was the building of luxury villas on the International Golf Club owned by Trump.


There have been concerns voiced as to a possible conflict of interest. For this reason Trump has stated he will not be starting any new deals in business while he is in office. Sajwani made a statement to NBC News that his connection to the Trump family is more than just business. His relationship with Trump also involves his children Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. Sajwani believes there will not be any problem or conflict arising from the continued growth, expansion and maintenance of his business relationship with Trump.


The wives of Trump and Sajwani also enjoy a friendship. They email one another and often have lunch or dinner together. They have both enjoyed the hospitality at each others homes as well. Sajwani says they enjoy working together and it is so much more than just cold business. Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. have all been involved with the brand to some extent. They have dealt with wealthy foreigners with links to politicians who wield power. Politicians from Turkey, Canada, Central Asia and South America. Even Ivanka has had social media posts about business meetings since 2010. The posts concerned meetings in 13 different countries.


Sajwani spoke of how Ivanka was pregnant and working until a few days before the delivery. He was in New York at the time and could not believe she talked business with him on the phone then went back to work shortly afterwards. He met with Trump before the election concerning the opening of his new hotel in Washington. He was under the impression that if Trump won the election his business dealings would be taken over by the next generation.

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The Achievements And Effort Of Scottsdale’s Jason Hope To Entrepreneurship

Putting effort to help in the development of new ideas is something many professionals consider noble. Building the world does not mean there has to be a lot of support from many sources, but one individual can come up with a project that lets others take part and in the process a new world that is progressive is born. Many experts in the world of technology are professionals who have been researching to find out about the opportunities that exist that they can exploit to make their lives better.

Experts like Jason Hope have helped to build an empire and a whole industry that supports the growth of structures and systems that are futuristic. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur renowned for changing the technological landscape with new and highly powerful inventions. Jason Hope’s projects have been key in offering modern and highly functional mobile and desktop applications. He is inspired by the need to change the world and make life better for current generations and those that will come. His company has been supporting research and innovation directed towards coming up with new methods of dealing with problems.

Growing the culture of entrepreneurship
Since the inception of his business, Jason Hope has been dealing with projects of varied kinds and through these projects he has met with different professionals who have helped him to shape his career. One of the areas he has been looking into is working with professionals who have great ideas but lack the support to put their ideas in practice. To make this possible, he launched a program that allows young entrepreneurs to access support from already established investors and entrepreneurs. Those who lack funding to steer their projects can access the needed support through this program.

Philanthropy is another way through which Jason Hope has been offering the world the needed support to implement different ideas. He is a member to several foundations that offer humanitarian assistance especially to the needy and those in marginalized places. He also offers technological assistance to different bodies so as to create opportunities for the needy and to make the humanitarian missions a success.

Capital Group and their Analysis of Economic Activity in the Last Few Months

Capital Group has made some changes of the last couple of years and in 2015 they have brought onboard an energetic executive with a wealth of experience to run their firm. Timothy Armour was named the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group as a result of the passing of former Chairman Jim Rothenberg. Mr. Armour has over 32 years of experience as an investment specialist and he has spent all of his time working in the investment industry with Capital Group.

Mr. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. Mr. Armour began his career at Capital Group when he was accepted to participate in the firm’s Associates Program. This program was designed to give Mr. Armour all of the necessary training and career development skills that would be needed in order to perform effectively with Capital Group. Mr. Armour’s analytical expertise while working with Capital Group has also helped some global telecommunications and U.S. service companies make some pretty smart investment decisions.

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Ms. Janet Yang, Certified Financial Advisor, and colleague of Mr. Armour at Capital Group holds Mr. Armour in high regard. Ms. Yang especially understands the advantages that Mr. Armour brings to the group. She understands Mr. Armour’s strategic ability to see the possibilities of what a marketplace will look like in the future.

Currently Mr. Armour is working with Samsung Asset Management and they are working together to bring retirement solutions and asset allocation solutions to the marketplace. This co-partnership will also be an enhancement toward Samsung Asset Management’s investment capabilities. Mr. Armour briefly stated that the partnership will enhance the quality and participation of Korean citizens through the Samsung Asset Management partnership.

According to Mr. Timothy Armour the September 2016 market selloff is a true indication that a financial correction is going to be coming along in the near future. Mr. Armour stated that he strongly believes that market corrections are healthy for the economy, and they remove unwanted excess out of the marketplace. Mr. Armour also believes that the September 2016 sell off is also an indicator that the investment economy is gearing up to be more openly shared with the public, rather than operating traditionally as an economic engine that is closed to outsiders.

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Julie Zuckerberg, the Pride of the 21st Century

Julie Zuckerberg was born in 1977. She is an educationist having studied philosophy in Brooklyn College and law from New York Faculty of Law. Currently, she is the executive recruiter at Deutsche Bank, a position she has held since April 2014. Before the appointment, she worked as corporate vice president and recruiting manager at New York Life Insurance Company.

Moreover, she has worked as executive recruiter and vice president at Citi Global Consumer Bank where she rose from the ranks of Citi Global Functions, executive recruiter. Also, she worked at Hudson as the director of candidate placement for five years.

Her skills include talent acquisition, executive search talent management, human resources, coaching and more. She is further involved in voluntary services on the most important aspects affecting life like animal health, arts, culture, economic empowerment, and human rights. She also has interest in science and technology.

Her roles in the firms

She links all the stakeholders to ensure there is improvement in the recruitment process and also ensures that there is a mechanism in place for talent acquisition. She also provides the direction as well as coaching the candidates involved in the recruiting process. She also offers leadership help to all levels of management in the organization.

Reasons for success as a recruiter

– Experience

Having worked for a long time as a recruiter has granted her enough experience to outsource quality professionals fitted for the required jobs. It further gets boosted by her tremendous ability to denote and tap talents. It is of great importance as the company’s laborers can realize their full potential.

– Confidence

Being a life cycle executive level recruiter has seen her help link the top management or personnel. Also, she has built workable strategic plans that have ensured she has confidence in executing her task.

– Corporations

Having worked with the big organizations and succeeded a lot has seen her become the sort of person she is today because her track record got recognized. Furthermore, her unique technique in recruiting has seen her rise far above the hiring directors.

– Profession skills

Having the academic qualification has seen many organizations search after her services. It’s due to her ability to use them and release excellent results that makes her a diamond to keep.

– Unique abilities

She has numerous skills, apart from her formal training, that include conflict resolution, coaching, leadership and interviewing skills. These individual abilities become the most important aspects helping the organization get the best workforce.

OSI Group: The Leader in Food Solutions

From a glance the OSI Group company looks like a normal company, but a closer look at its operations will give you a different outlook. OSI was established in 1909 in Illinois, Chicago and since then they have established a worthwhile reputation.

It is an entrepreneurial company with a different version of operation. Unlike most of the companies that have dictatorship, OSI operates as a family to achieve its goals.

Many of the brands in the world regard them as their ultimate food provider. Why, because of their unwavering passion and dedication.

Even though the company has established their services in many different countries, it still remains a privately held company. This means that they continue to offer quality services to their customers.


They are the leading company dealing with meat and meat products. The company offers different products to their customers. They include;

  • Bacon; they produce a variety of bacon products in a different sizes. You will get access to fully cooked bacon, par cooked, bacon pits and chips.
  • Breakfast sausages; you can get them as raw sausages, fully cooked patties and breakfast sausages, collagen casing, skinless and links
  • Cooked beef and pork; they offer a variety from meatballs to ribettes.
  • Hot dogs and the specialty sausages
  • Raw chicken
  • Fully processed chicken
  • Pizza
  • Kettle and smoked products
  • Sandwich assembly

Growth of the Company

OSI Group has grown since it was launched in 1909. It has established and enlarged their services in different countries. In 2016, the company was listed number 58 in the Forbes America’s Largest Private companies. In the same year, they announced that they will be acquiring the Flagship Europe. This is a company that has established itself as the food service supplier in UK.

The acquisition will increase the presence of OSI in Europe. Flagship is a company that deals with frozen poultry products, pies, sauces and the dressings. These products will complement the OSI meat products.

Before the acquisition, Flagship Europe had already acquired the Calder foods. This is a company that deals with sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades and dips.

The access to the new clients and employees will broaden and strengthen the OSI group company position in the industry. It will also open new opportunities and enlarge the manufacturing capabilities of the company.

OSI group also purchased a warehouse and a food processing facility.




George Soros Gangs with donors to resist Trump

Rich liberals among them George Soros had a gathering that lasted for three days with the aim of coming up with strategies to fight Donald Trump and take power back. They had spent a lot of money so as to ensure Hillary Clinton wins elections. The closed door meeting took place in Washington, and it started on Sunday. It took place at an expensive hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. The meeting was sponsored by a club for Democrats and George Soros, which is influential and powerful.

Those who attended include some of the union leaders and liberals like George Soros. Leaders such as Nancy Pelosi who is House Democratic leader, senator Elizabeth Warren and a co-chairman for Congressional Progressive Caucus, Keith Ellison were among the leaders who attended the congress as noted from an agenda and other documents.

It marked the first main meeting of the left institution since Donald Trump emerged victorious defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Trump’s win came as a shock to the world as many expected otherwise. George Soros and liberal’s plans are to stage warfare against Donald Trump since he won the elections. Some of their projects focus on the elections in 2017 and 2018 while others are to make sure that they upset plans of Trump in which he wants to do away with Obama’s achievements.

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As the meeting was happening, many liberals were also reviewing the way they had approached the elections. The role of the Democratic Alliance of George Soros, a club responsible for financing was also questionable. The organization, the donors, and groups which benefit over the years have had the primary role in organizing the left institution and even positioned some prominent organizations around Clinton. They focused on the idea that minorities and women make the rising American electorate hoping it could shape the elections to Democrats.

Trump won the elections with massive support from the whites who are working class hence their strategy did not work. The beneficiary groups of Democratic Alliance used climate change and role of money in politics to woo the voters, but it was not the case as shown by the exit polls. One of the strategists of Democrats and who has been active in the group by attending the gathering was heard citing that the DA should be called into question.

There was another liberal who saw it differently, and he did not find it important for the DA to use a different approach when it comes to politics altogether. In contrast, the operative rejected the idea claiming that they should not learn the wrong lesson from the election. His claims were that Clinton was on track to winning the popular vote and that Trump got fewer votes the last GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. His concept was that they should encourage their people to vote primarily on the day of the election.

The president of the DA, Gara LaMarche however, said that there was some reassessment that was in order. He claims that one cannot lose an election he/she was expected to win unless there were mistakes and assumptions on their strategies and tactics. He said that if they are to resist the Trump administration, then they should do reassessment without rushing and pointing fingers at one another and by so doing it possible for them to take power back in the states in 2017 and 2018.

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Jason Hope: Challenging Modern Thought

One of the factors that drive progress is the challenge of modern thought. It is very important for people to take the time to examine the thoughts of the time so that they can come up with something that brings them further along. For one thing, if people just accepted what was told to them blindly, then they will likely be stagnant in their progress. Now, this does not mean that people should just challenge anything that is said to them. For one thing, the thought that is being challenged has to have a likelihood of being false. The challenger has to be someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

One example of someone who challenges thoughts is Jason Hope. He is someone who is very passionate about his field. This is one of the reasons Jason Hope works in the technology field as an entrepreneur. He is someone that is very insightful and willing to share what he realizes with people. One thing that he does not want is to keep his beliefs to himself. He instead is willing to actually find a platform to present his ideas to people. Jason Hope writes lot about a lot of topics when it comes to modern thought.

Perhaps one of his most important aspects of his work is his philanthropy. Jason Hope takes the time to be involved in many different activities that are meant to bring improvement to living conditions in his community. This is one of the most important and admirable traits of Jason Hope (@jasonhope) He is involved in his immediate community. While other people may take their charity and put it into efforts that are abroad, Jason understands that there is a need in his community as well. Therefore, he focuses a lot of his efforts on meeting local needs.

Jason Hope is someone who brings hope for the new generation. For one thing, he is able to express his ideas in ways that will get people to consider them. He has such a joy and enthusiasm for what he is talking about. This is one of the reasons he is gaining a lot of recognition.

To learn more about Jason Hope, find him on LinkedIn or Facebook.