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QNet’s Unique Direct Selling Approach

by GSR2016 .

Health and Wellness is a noble niche to be involved in in my opinion. Direct selling is one vehicle that is very helpful towards the goals of promoting health, wellness and general life improvement. QNet combines two vehicles. It uses direct selling in order to inspire people to improve their health and overall lives. It also encourages people to be entrepreneurs by offering them opportunities in order to participate in direct selling. QNet also makes sure that the products they offer to sell are high in quality so that customers will be satisfied with the offer. There are plenty of other factors that make QNet a very unique company.

One factor that I think about is that it is passionate about a vegetarian approach to life. The company makes sure that they follow a strictly vegetarian diet. Whenever there are events, the food that is served consists completely of fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian meals. QNet is all about the bettermen of one’s self so that others will be better aroud them. Among the things that QNet does with its success is give back to its community. The company understands that it takes a lot of effort, time and dedication in order to succeed. QNet also understands the importance of customers to the success of the company. Therefore, it gives back out of appreciation.

QNet has shown that it is not just out to make money, it is also out to bring about greater success for people who are willing to work for it. The creators of QNet, who were young entrepreneurs who had the goal of using marketing to promote healthy living, know the value of doing for others.

Philanthropist Dick DeVos Loves Sailing Almost As Much As He Loves Charitable Work

by GSR2016 .

Dick DeVos showed off his sailing skills recently at the Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club’s 2016 Gold Cup races. The two-day event attracts the best sailors in the world, and it also gives young sailors an opportunity to compete with the champions. DeVos has been a sailing aficionado for years. Racing against sailors like Alessandro Rombelli, Richard Goransson, and Benjamin Schwartz gave him a taste of the fierce competition he enjoyed while he was the CEO of Amway.

Amway Corporation started as a home business in 1959 and, slowly, but surely, the company grew into an international corporation. Dick’s father, Rick was the co-founder of Amway, so Dick had Amway built into his DNA, so to speak. Dick began working for Amway in 1974 and before he retired from the company he turned the home business into a reputable corporation that is ranked number 26 on the Forbes list of privately held corporations.

DeVos has always been active in the Michigan political scene, and he has always been a sports lover. He ran for governor of the state in 2006, and he was the CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball team. Dick went back to Amway in 1993 when his father retired.

Betsy and Dick DeVos are best known for their charitable work these days. The couple established a foundation that helps fund several causes in the state of Michigan. The Dick and Betsey Scholarship program was established in 2008, and in 2010 the couple promised to donate $22.8 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management.

Mr. DeVos is considered one of the people that have helped various organizations in Michigan achieve their goals. When it comes to donating money, Dick DeVos is at the top of the list. Even though Dick is not active in Amway, he still keeps his hand in the financial industry through his investment firm, The Windquest Group.

When he’s not focused on Windquest Group investments, DeVos spends time working with the Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Willow Creek Association, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, RDV Corporation, and Spectrum Health System. Dick is on the board of those organizations.

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