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George Soros Backed U.S. Money Reserve Takes Home Gold at 20th Annual Videographer Award Ceremony

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The U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, recently won four awards at the 20th Annual Videographer Awards for their commercial creativity and production value.

Riding the coattails of their latest Telly Awards bronze prize for their production, “Philip Diehl IRA”, which showcased the president and head of the company, U.S Money Reserve racked up four more awards for their creative media work at the Annual Videographer Award ceremony. There most notable recognitions were their production efforts in the categories of “TV/Commercials/Product” and “Creativity (TV)/Cinematography”.

The prestigious Award of Excellence at the Videographer Awards is only given to those individuals and companies whose projects showcase exceptional editing, production, and writing values. To be awarded two of such highly-coveted prizes is a real testimonial to the company’s dedication to get their financial message out to the public en masse.

The judging for the Award of Excellence is presided over by members of the Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). During the recent 2016 Videographer Award, the judges looked for companies who exhibited a high level of talent and creativity in production value. Out of 1,500 companies who were nominated, U.S. Money Reserve took home the gold, not once, but four times!

Why is George Soros urging investors to invest with U.S. Money Reserve?

This year, George Soros, the legendary Quantum Hedge Fund manager, is telling anyone interested in growing and protecting their financial assets to invest with the U.S. Money Reserve.


According to Soros, Gold, a commodity that the U.S. Money Reserve provides in spades, is a magnificent investment vehicle that reduces the erosions of inflation and protects against economic crisis. Not only does Soros agree with the U.S. Money Reserve’s gold standard of appreciation, but also states that the other high-quality precious metals the company provide offer a greater chance of future development than most other investment vehicles today.


Founded in 2001 by longtime gold market veteran, Richard Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the world’s biggest distributors of global government-issued gold, silver, and platinum legal tender. Since its inception, U.S. Money Reserved has helped hundreds of thousands of clients to diversify and protect their assets.

According to, U.S. Money Reserve is based out of Austin, Texas, and hosts a team of over 50 coin research specialists dedicated to finding the most profitable precious metals for their customers. To date, U.S. Money Reserve has set the standard for precious metal providers through their dedication, creativity, expert research methods, and customer service.

Reviewing The Role Of Madison Street Capital In Enhancing Investment Banking Services

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Before proceeding further into the services offered by Madison Street Capital, it’s necessary to first explore the concept of investment banking to understand how things work. Simply defined, an investment bank is an institution that offers services to individuals, governments and corporations to help them raise financial capital through underwriting or standing in as the agents of the client during the issuance of securities, cites a Wikipedia aricle on the topic.

Companies looking to initiate mergers and acquisitions may also use the services of an investment bank to process the transition. Additionally, investment banks offer the trading of derivatives and securities.

Investment banks differ from the conventional banks in the sense that they don’t take deposits and as the Glass-Seagall Act states, the U.S. has maintained separation between the two types of financial institutions. Many countries especially the ones in the G7 have had this separation all in a bid to ensure functions of each do not override the other and to enhance security for users of such services.

Risk handling strategies
In the commodities market there are many risks that are bound to occur, so those who lack the capacity to handle the risks as they arise are likely to suffer losses. This is one of the roles investment banks take up to ensure the activities of their clients are processed seamlessly and in a secure environment. There is a team tasked with the review of the market to spot any issues that may bring about losses in the process of initiating a transaction.

Market information gathering
Information is what inspires decisions and this is something that affects many of the decisions made by investment banks. Therefore, there is need to have a research department that works on all these items to ensure there is a peaceful transition. The research team comes up with a comprehensive review of the market that highlights key issues that should inform decisions during trades or transactions.
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White Shark Media Adwords Campaigns

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White Shark Media Complaints team introduced a new process designed to address their customer’s questions, concerns, compliments, and complaints in a constructive and effective manner. In order to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, White Shark Media compiled a list of common complaints received over the years and the company has developed unique ways to make sure these issues do not happen again.

Adwords Campaigns

In order to address complaints related to Adwords campaigns, White Shark Media has improved their communication with their clients. For new campaigns, the company now thoroughly explains the nuances of the campaign so the clients understand how to check out their campaign’s performance as well as other important Adwords metrics.


Communication is key. White Shark Media aims to reduce frustration and participate in meaningful communication with their clients in order to help them achieve outstanding results. Two major communication strategies are now implemented by the company to improve communication with clients. First, White Shark Media is now scheduling monthly status calls with GoToMeeting. The company also implemented a phone system with extensions so that clients can reach a human operator in a more efficient manner.

Optimized Campaigns
The criticism of White Shark Media’s campaign competency was taken very seriously by the company. White Shark Media has improved its ability to better manage Adwords campaigns by creating stronger teams of SEO strategists as well as placing a supervisor with every SEO team.

SEO Services
While White Shark Media does not currently offer SEO services, the company has improved its ability to distinguish between stellar and incompetent SEO service companies. White Shark Media now reviews all client SEO services as well as the company so that clients will not lose money with their SEO vendor.

Customer Support Services
White Shark Media improved upon their customer support services by restructuring the way in which they lend a hand to their clients. Unlike their previous model, White Shark Media’s new clients are placed with a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager and the manager stays with the client to offer support services throughout the duration of the client’s campaign

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Andy Wirth Wins Decisive Legal Battle

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Since the last three to four years, local businesses in the famed Olympic Valley continued to suffer due to the deteriorating snow conditions in the area. These Lake Tahoe communities, which historically rely on early Winter snow depend on snow conditions to sustain local communities. Luckily, this year, Mother Nature provided the relief when Winter storms hit the valley even before the onset of regular Winter season. For locals, the return of snow is a big news as they will likely see record number of visitors who are eager to try the pristine slopes of Olympic Valley.

Besides weather, it may be the year when investors will also return to Olympic Valley and adjacent communities. The return of investors has to do more with the verdict of incorporation rather than climatic conditions. Regarding declining investment rates, investors were keen to follow the ongoing legal battle between Olympic Valley Group and Squaw Valley Holdings LLC. Luckily, for opponents of incorporation, the California’s Local Agency Formation gave a final verdict in favor of Squaw Valley Holdings. The verdict has also lifted uncertainty over the future of the town. Therefore, it is likely that investment activity will likely grow in the near future.


The man who fought valiantly to stop incorporation efforts is Andy Wirth. For many years, his family has build a strong reputation among the locals as fervent supporters of local development. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, Andy continues his family tradition by supporting veterans and other nonprofits in the area. He also takes personal interest in the development of the town. In the near future, his company has plans to build several commercial and residential communities. In fact, there are also plans to build a Gondola project, which will connect Olympic Valley with Alpine Meadows.

For Andy, such links are vital for the well-being of Lake Tahoe communities. Perhaps, it is one of the major reasons why he spent thousands of dollars to stop the private group from taking over his town. According to Andy, if the incorporation plans were to go forward, it will deprive local communities of basic necessities such as snow plowing and road maintenance. In addition, the incorporation would have isolated Olympic Valley residents from other North Shore communities. Isolation from other communities is a financial disaster for Olympic Valley residents as their businesses will suffer due to possible degradation of public services.

Pro-incorporation crowd insisted that Andy Wirth and his company, Squaw Valley Holdings LLC is pursuing their own agenda because they don’t want to answer to land-based town authority. However, such claims are controversial considering that Andy Wirth is among the most active fund-raiser for local communities. Hopefully, this year will prove decisive and a chance for locals to heal.

Brian Bonar: Experience is the Difference

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When you talk about someone like Brian Bonar, there is one thing that stands out, to me, more than anything and that is his experience. He has almost thirty years of experience in professional management in the financial sector. That is almost three decades and let me tell you, when you have done something for that long, you learn a lot about yourself and the financial sector.

You learn the ups, the downs, and everything else in between. What I like is that he has weathered the storm. Brian Bonar has never given up, never quit, and never thrown in the towel. The way to stay in this business that long is to remain even keeled.

You know two very important things and you always remember them: the bad times won’t always be bad and the good times won’t last forever. That is something very important to remember. When you have bad times, it can be easy to feel as though you can never crawl out of the hole and you will be in it forever and there is no way out.

It feels helpless, scary, and you worry about the future and what it holds. When you have good times, you think they will always be this way and you will never have to worry a day in your life. As the old song says, come on, let the good times roll.

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar has always kept his pulse on the market and never gotten too high and too low and that is why he is a great recipient of the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. This award means a great deal to Brian, without a shadow of a doubt, as only two men and two women receive it every year. You have to earn it and it isn’t just given to you. There are few things more rewarding than being honored by your peers and recognized by a group of people for all you have done.

The great thing about Brian is that he isn’t slowing down any time soon. He is just getting started. Everything he has been through and gone through, good and bad, as I mentioned, has prepared him to handle whatever is around the corner. He is ready to embrace, defeat it, and be a better person because of it. That is why he has earned this award. You can’t put a price tag on experience and you can’t put a price tag on all that he has seen and done throughout his career. Even though he doesn’t do this job for the awards, it is impossible not to get excited when you get awards like this, as they hold a special place in your heart.

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Madison Street Capital’s 2015 Was a Great Year

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Recently the staff of Real Talk From Real Moms turned their attention to the work of Madison Street Capital. In their folksy, down-to-earth manner they explained that Madison Street Capital had a great year and a great financial season. The company closed 42 deals, which were more than the last fiscal year and represented better gains than were made by other middle market investment banking firms.

Madison Street Capital provides corporate financing and offers advice and execution of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Their experienced professional staff will arrange the needed financial and capitalization structure for the future success of any business. The firm is located in Chicago, Illinois, and in addition to M&A and corporate financing offers a broad variety of financial services, including restructuring, buy and sell side services for private investors, and a long list of corporate advisory and valuation services. Read the entire report here:

The lexicon of the financial world is complex and for most small investors difficult to understand. It is similar to medical jargon, which was once impossible to comprehend because of its reliance on Latin terms learned in Medical School. Doctors are now speaking more clearly using plain language in order to be understood by their patients. If the financial industry would take a cue from the medical field and bring their complex language down to the level of real people, real moms, and real dads, then we would all be better off for the transition.

Madison Street Capital seems to be making an effort to complete this transition. They have produced a number of YouTube videos in cartoon format fully explaining some of the more complex financial terms. Check out their videos on YouTube here:

Madison Street Capital is on the right track for gaining a larger share of the investing population. Their educational efforts are to be applauded and making their products and services known to the man or woman on Main Street whether they need their services or not is a good idea. The financial concepts and opportunities of Wall Street should not just be knowledge shared by sophisticated investors and their brokers. Investment opportunities should be made available to all people no matter the situation. Knowledge is power and in the case of financial decisions, it is a way to gain wealth as well.

Additional sources: Hedgeweek