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Discounted Prices for a Brighter Future

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In an attempt to save companies a large sum of money, entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland has recently created a discount and social network program that strongly suits their needs. The program is called Magnises and focuses on providing excellent discount opportunities to businessmen and normal everyday consumers alike.

The program works by giving members a metal discount card that can be used as though it were a normal credit card. This card can be accepted as a form of payment within different locations and will discount the overall price before being charged to an attached bank account. What makes this program especially useful to businesses is the locations and services in which it discounts.

Primary locations of discounts under Magnises are bars, restaurants, cruises and concerts, to name a few. These locations are prime areas for business meetings and are normally fairly costly to implement effectively.

Through the Magnises program the restaurant meeting that normally costs several hundred dollars can be significantly reduced, allowing that one business meeting to be converted into potentially multiple business meetings instead. Such high volumes of discounted money is useful in any business enterprise, and can result in more effective attention to be placed on other spending avenues, such as employee wages and product costs.

The service that Bill has generated will potentially positively effect how business operates within the United States for a long period of time. It provides the ability for endless company growth, which is ideal for companies just beginning to form within the economy. Other areas of focus outside of industry are of course normal consumers, will rather enjoy the added discounts they will receive through the program in the form of cheaper social entertainment purposes.

Madison Street Capital is Nominated for Another M&A Advisor Award

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Madison Street Capital has been recently nominated for another M&A advisor award, and they are now a finalist. This is the 15th year for the award to be given, and it’s no surprise that Madison Street Capital is up for the award again. Having acted as a beacon in the financial marketplace, they are a great model of what should take place when making deals with clients, as well as how to restructure and handle financing. There is no doubt a significant amount of contributions made by this firm as well as numerous achievements, specifically over the last year.

There are two things for which Madison Street Capital has been nominated including Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, and International and Industrials Deal of the Year, which pertained to all deals that were under $100 million dollars. Acquisitions are a big part of what the firm does, and the CEO, Charles Botchway has stated that his deal makers work around the clock to bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Botchway is thrilled that they are up for the nominations, but ultimately they want to convey that they want to see their clients experience growth and achieve the success they desire through the proper financing.

The winners will be announced very shortly at the Gala on November 9th for the M&A Awards. While the Gala is a huge event, it’s important to note that Botchway is most concerned with their future and how they can impact the business of other clients.

Madison Street Capital, LLC, has been operating as an international investment banking firm since 2005. The company has been highly regarded for their commitment to excellence in serving their clients in the banking industry and with guidance on their investments. They also work in bankruptcy services, mergers, reorganization, tax principles and compliance, valuations and more.


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SEC Whistleblower Lawyers Can Represent You

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Locating an SEC whistleblower attorney has never been easier, as there are quite a few law offices these days that deal solely with these types of cases. Ten years ago, there were no lawyers that focused on this type of specialization, but based on the protection acts that were put in place in the year 2010, there are now quite a few law firms that only take whistleblower cases. Anyone that would like to come out as a whistleblower should think about hiring an SEC whistleblower lawyer to represent them, as they are going to be the best suited to handle your case effectively and efficiently. When you consider the fact that there are now payouts of up to thirty percent, based on the amount of money that is eventually fined to a business that a whistleblower has blown the whistle on, it is well worth it to find a lawyer that really knows what they are doing.

Some of the things that have come along with these protection acts that have been set in place are full protection from the employer and no list of being blacklisted. One of the worst parts about coming out with information in the past was the fact that people were literally putting their jobs, their lives and their livelihoods on the line. To top it off, most people that came forward would be blacklisted from their field of work, which means that a ton of whistleblowers would never be able to be employed again. Things have changed for the better, as the SEC whistleblower program has provided a ton of protection for whistleblowers.

Not only is there quite a bit of less risk for whistleblowers, but there is a lot of money that can be awarded as well. Hiring a great lawyer that knows how to work these types of cases is going to be the best shot at walking away with a great deal of money. While there are protections in place, in terms of preventing employees from being fired and knocked out of their field of business in the future for coming forward as a whistleblower, it is still important to understand that there can be risks in the future. The financial incentives are a great way for whistleblowers to feel secure about coming forward, in case they aren’t able to get work in the future for whatever reason, so make sure you find a great lawyer that understands SEC cases.

Discover How To Find A Whistleblower Attorney In Your Area

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PRN Newswire has created a front page article that features Labaton Sucharow, the first attorney to dedicate his entire practice to SEC laws. He recently won one of the biggest SEC settlements in U.S. history for one of his clients. Sucharow admits that the SEC laws are very complicated and require a professional. However, Sucharow has implemented some of the modifications to the Dodd-Frank act that protects whistleblower’s from harassment, threats, and loss of their job. Sucharow says, that you privacy is important because often times people that blow the whistle are black listed and find it very hard to find a job and this is why his firm fights for everything that you’re entitled to.

The Dodd-Frank acts allows you to receive 10-30% of any claims that come from your information provided that the claim is over a million dollars. They require that you receive adequate compensation and the right to keep your job. He ensures that you will be able to sit down with him and find out exactly where you stand with your claim. You can get the compensation that you deserve and keep your dream job with a SEC whistleblower attorney. They provide assistance when an outside agency also decides that they want to prosecute.

A SEC whistleblower lawyer is going to work on a contingency basis and won’t collect unless you win your case. They are there to provide you with all the details and specifications of your case. You get financial incentives for helping the SEC close their investigation by saving them valuable time. You will receive any additional awards based on any other legal action that has been taken. Don’t fight the SEC claim on your own. Hire a legal SEC attorney that is there to fight for your legal rights.

Sucharow is one of the largest SEC firms in the industry and has over 40 years of experience. If you’re in a situation that calls for legal advice you should always seek out a legal representative for details on your legal action. There are a number of people that haven’t used an attorney and it has threatened their job security and stopped them from getting the money that they deserve. Compensation is important to the whistleblower because you have provided information that wouldn’t have been otherwise known. Sucharow says that securities fraud is the leading financial crime that hurts investors and causes distrust. Find out how to hire a SEC attorney in your area today.

What is Securus Doing Now?

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The company that is behind some of the biggest jail technology in the past decade is going to have something else big for jails across the country. Securus, the company that is behind inmate email systems as well as more affordable options for phone calls, is now working to promote video chatting systems in prisons and jails around the country. They have worked with many wardens and administrations to ensure that the inmates are able to get what they need out of these video chats. The video visits are the way that visits will be done in the future but they are happening right now.


It is often just not convenient for families to visit their loved ones in prison. It can take a lot of time to get there, the travel can be expensive and families may simply not want to bring children to visit adults who are in jail. It poses a problem for people who want to see their loved ones but who simply don’t want to or cannot travel to the prison. This is especially true for inmates of federal and state prisons that may be hundreds of miles away from where the family lives at. Video visits fix this problem.


The kiosks that were first provided by Securus will now be equipped with the features that include video visits. There is no way that families will not be able to see their loved ones with these because they don’t actually have to travel anywhere to see their loved ones who are in prison. They can see them right on a phone or a computer screen and will be able to talk to them no matter where they live at. It is something that is perfect for nearly all situations.


One of the biggest groups of people that this technology will benefit is children whose parents are incarcerated. Because of the problems that come along with visiting a jail, many children do not get to see one or both of their parents while they are in jail. The video technology allows the child to stay out of the prison and to be able to talk to their loved ones face to face. This is important for development and something that all children need to be given the option to do. It is an ideal way for people to see their children and lift the morale in the prison.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How Don Ressler Has Earned Respect For Achieving Success In Business

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Achieving success in business has a lot to do with how one manages the items that make a business to emerge a market leader. However, few understand the aspect of seeing gaps and filling them without waiting too long for things to change. These are qualities that describe how Don Ressler has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in online retail business. He runs several online retail stores and his dedication to venture into more markets still remains strong.

More than one decade ago, Don Ressler launched, his first online retail. This startup was to test his skills and confidence when it comes to taking risks and it performed remarkably well in its first year. He in 2001 sold the business to Intermix Media with the sole aim to raise funds that would support subsequent startups. During the interactions Ressler had with the management of Intermix Media, he met with Adam Goldenberg, who would later join him to explore the world of business.

Together, they launched Alena Media, which stood out for the marketing franchise of the company. Alena on Pando was able to generate millions in revenue within the few years they owned the company and they had earned sufficient skills to push them to the next level in business. This success allowed them to embrace deeper ideas that entailed the sale of Alena in 2005 to News Corp. This move was to raise funds for a bigger idea that would allow them to work in more than one market.

Owing to the extensive experience the two had in online advertising, they decided to try their luck in beauty products. Their next move, therefore, entailed the inception of Intelligent Beauty in 2008. The company has several sections for products related to beauty, health and wellness. DERMATORE, a franchise of Intelligent Beauty, offers cosmetic and skincare products. On the other hand, SENSA deals with weight loss equipment and products.

In 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg ventured into a business that could potentially attain global reach, JustFabs. The company is founded on the need to offer customers a subscription service that offers them a chance to choose different fashion products. Since inception, it has grown and acquired different businesses, which now operate as separate brands.

For example, in 2013 they acquired FabKids, which offers an online retail for children using a similar infrastructure and setup like the parent company. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have also taken part in the establishment of Fabletics, a subscription online retail that offers athletic wear.