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How Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Became the Unicorn Queen

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Los Angeles resident and Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder and CEO Doe Deere is bold, strong and has an unshakable amount of confidence. Her story is an impressive one of a young woman that began as a social media presence, became a musician and social media star and then continued up the ranks to become the owner of her own fashion line and cosmetic company. Many know her by her flashy look and rainbow hair and makeup, but few know how she came to be the “Unicorn Queen“.

Deere was born as Xenia Vorotova in Russia and moved to New York at the age of 17. She did not sit idly by in her native Russia waiting for her big break. At just 13 she had already built herself a small business selling temporary tattoos. Deere lived and worked as a musician in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1998 to 2012. She met her songwriter husband during this same period of time.

Initially she was only suffering through a futile search for acceptable cosmetics to create her own look. It became a professional turning point for her when she realized others were probably having the same problem. Deere was always aware that she was different from the majority of people around her, but she did not think she was alone. Her belief that there were many others in the world that were seeking a way to express their personality is what inspired her to build the cosmetics business that became Lime Crime.

Deere was not a beginner when it came to fashion. Her experimentation of her look during her music career was part of the process, but she was professionally educated as well. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) while in New York, majoring in fashion design. However, the ability to combine the makeup, hair and clothing so stunningly comes from natural talent alone. Deere’s earliest memories have always been of creating vibrant art on paper and on herself. It was these early days that helped to lay the foundation she has spent the last couple of decades building on. Lime Crime continues to expand as its CEO continues her quest to make everyone more comfortable in revealing to the world their true colors.

Doe Deere Created Lime Crime Makeup To Offer Freedom Of Beauty Choice

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Way too often, society tells us what is pretty, what is not and how to define the beautiful. Huge cosmetics companies make traditional makeup to keep everyone within the safe limits of their perceptions of beauty. Doe Deere dared to believe something different, and today, her Lime Crime makeup brand is dominating the trends and social media. Lime Crime’s Instagram account tells the story, with more than 2.4 million followers.

How could a makeup company that sells cement-colored lipsticks ever have a chance at stardom?

It’s simple; Doe Deere had a unique vision, believed in the gifts bestowed upon her and made it happen. Today, she shares that kind of advice to other young women and men, according to an interview in

Doe Deere was born in Russia with a keen imagination. She loved all things whimsical, including the elusive unicorn. At a young age, she was tuned into fashion, style and makeup and even began selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She had convinced them that the ink was cool for the moment.

At 17, she moved to New York City and took that clever, playful attitude with her. She began selling her own fashions on Ebay and joined a band. She later became obsessed with makeup, because the vividly colored items she was looking for did not exist in great numbers. So, Doe Deere decided to launch Lime Crime makeup in 2008; these were crazy bright colors so different to the makeup counters across America.

Doe Deere pursued her concept of beauty, had faith in herself, her talent and her brand, and the world welcomed her to e-commerce. Through intelligent use of social media, she was able to construct a respectable cosmetics label. Doe Deere went up against the big players like Revlon, Cover Girl and others. She not only survived, but Lime Crime blossomed into the tart, sassy, unique beauty company that celebrities began to put on. Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Taryn Manning fell in love with Lime Crime’s famous liquid to matte lipsticks. Yes, the colors are cuckoo crazy but also sexy and glam.

Today, Doe Deere is recognized as a successful, young businesswoman and was recently named to Self-Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. She graces the cover with business powerhouses Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman.

Lime Crime is proud to be a vegan and cruelty-free makeup company.

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IAP Worldwide Services Continues To Provide Reliable Services

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IAP Worldwide is a global scale provider of facilities management, logistics, and technical as well as professional services. Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) is ready to handle the most challenging public and private sector challenges. Irrespective of the intensity of the task at hand, they will be able to tackle any problem within a moment’s notice. They have a team of experienced professional on who deliver the support required by the customers with a ready workforce, around the globe. IAP is available in more than 25 countries, and it has over 2000 people working together to ensure safety around the world.

Customer satisfaction
At IAP, all customers are treated as equally important. From natural disasters to overseas battle, they will help you with your problem and get the best solution for the same. IAP Worldwide Services is also known for their responsiveness and customer satisfaction support that has earned them popularity within a short span of time.

History of IAP
IAP Worldwide was initially started as Pan Am World Services in the year 1953. Since then they have contributed significantly to the development of the society. IAP Worldwide holds the pride of operating and building the first space launch complex base of America. In 1989, Johnson Controls acquired Pan Am World Services resulting in the formation of JCWS which was dedicated to building innovative means to facilitate automatic fire, lighting, environmental control and other services. IAP was founded in the year 1990, at Irmo, with a ready contract to provide supplies for the US Army on They, later on, became a trusted partner with the military and they still continue to serve them with transportation, disaster relief, and power generation services. Later on in the year 2005, IAP Worldwide Services was formed on acquiring the JCWA along with RMS.

Humanitarian aid projects
Over the course of time, IAP Worldwide services have come a long way and have established a name for themselves overseas. They have a large clientele base ranging from private sectors to the government sectors. When disaster strikes, they are quick to provide the essential supplies and power required.


Swiss Startup Factory Joins Force with the Geneva-Based Fintech Fusion

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About Mike Baur


Mike Baur, is a serial entrepreneur born in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mike’s interest in working in the banking and finance sector surfaced in his early teenage. As a passionate entrepreneur, Mike gives back to society by offering financial and mentoring support to the Swiss startups. Today, he takes pride in making his youthful passion as his career. Mike Baur has an extensive background in the banking sector, having worked in the Swiss Private Banking for over two decades. Later on, he was promoted from a commercial apprentice at UBS to a Board Member in the Swiss Banking Industry.


Leveraging his immense knowledge and experience in finance and banking, Mike teamed up with his two business partners to start Swiss Startup Factory (SSF). Swiss Startup Factory is the Swiss’ leading sovereign and privately-funded Information and Communication Technology startup accelerator. Through SSF, Mike Baur invests valuable time and resources in the Swiss startup programs. He also provides financial and mentoring support to various Swiss startups. He graduated from Rochester University with a master degree in Business Administration as well as an Executive MBA from Bern University.


As a long-term strategy to strengthen the Swiss startup ecosystem, Swiss Startup Factory has announced its partnership with Geneva-based Fintech Fusion startup accelerator. Both SSF and Fintech Fusion will collaborate on joint events, startup pre-selection process, sharing office space for startups, and startup acceleration. The partnership is expected to bridge the gap between the French and Swiss German based in Switzerland. Interestingly, SSF and Fintech Fusion have shared core values and complements each other on their setup. The accelerators will support startups from the inception stage to prototyping to ensure they transit smoothly to market entry and beta testing. Although the core value of the partnership is Fintech Fusion, other ICT subjects will be considered.


Fintech Fusions’ founder, Guillaume Dubray says that Switzerland as a leader in innovation has excellent conditions for startups to thrive. At Switzerland, startups have an extended choice of development programs such as training platforms and Startup Hubs. With the new partnership, SSF will now focus on strengthening the collaboration between innovation-driven businesses in Switzerland. In addition to Mr. Dubray’s comments, Baur said that SSF collaboration with Geneva-based Fintech Fusion would transcend language and diversity barriers in Switzerland by bringing together two independent accelerators from different locations and linguistic. He added that Switzerland often lacked adequate efforts to concentrate its strengths and resources due to language and diversity barriers.



Whistleblower Case Leads to High Payday

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Jordan A. Thomas, an SEC whistleblower attorney at Labaton Sucharow, has successfully represented another client in court, which has led to a payout of seventeen million dollars. This result is just one of the many big paydays that have been awarded to whistleblowers, who are people that have come to find certain information, which is usually based around fraud and corruption. In these types of cases, if a whistleblower comes forward and it leads to a case where a company is found to be in violation, the court is likely going to levy sanctions against them. One of the best parts about getting a great SEC whistleblower lawyer is the fact that the whistleblower is entitled to 30 percent of the total sanctions that are levied against the company. In the case of Jordan A. Thomas’s most recent client, the sanctions were high enough that a full seventeen million dollars was awarded, making this the second highest amount paid to a whistleblower.

There are increasing numbers of whistleblower cases these days, based primarily on the Frank-Dodd Act, which is an act that allows certain protections to whistleblowers, as well as incentives in the form of money. The combination of these two incentives have literally opened the flood gates and in a few short years, the Securities Exchange Commission has wiped out quite a bit of corruption. One of the biggest fears that whistleblowers have had in the past, was that if they did make the move to come forward, their jobs would be on the line. Many people that are in this position have families that they have to provide for, making the decision to come forward an incredibly difficult one. Luckily, the Frank-Dodd act has simplified things greatly and for those people that are in the know on massive corruption or fraud, they may be looking at a big payday for coming forward.

It is very important to realize that in dealing with these types of cases, you should always find a lawyer that knows whistleblower cases in and out. Companies such as Labaton Sucharow have had a tremendous amount of success, so by seeking out one of these law firms that do specialize in SEC whistleblower cases and have a proven track record of success, your plight should be a lot easier. While it may be a tough decision to come forward, it is a lot better being a whistleblower today than ten years ago.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Corruption has a major contributor to the downfall of the economy in many countries world over. Whistleblowers all over the world have decided to break their silence and talk about the major areas of corruption in their countries. The Securities Exchange Commission has not been left behind as well as the United States. The Congress endorsed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reforms and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The enactment has been described as the most extensive refurbishment of the U.S financial protocols since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act established several modifications amongst them being the formation of the whistleblower program. The program will enable individuals who inform possible defilement of the federal security law to Security Exchange Commission to be protected and offered financial enticements.

Laboton Sucharow, a law firm in the United States, was the first to legislate the program that will enable the protection and the advocacy of SEC Whistleblower. The firm has a world class whistleblower package that offers total; protection for their clients through a dedicated team of investigators, forensic accountants as well as financial analysts. Their team of expertise has a vast knowledge and experience in both federal and state law and can represent the SEC whistleblowers adequately.

The individuals who provide information about alleged corruption are paid an amount of money about 10-30% of the total cash collected, after a successful enforcement of the action if the value exceeds $1 million. The Dodd-Frank Act also protects the employees who report corruption acts in their organizations from being laid-off.

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer always represents the Whistleblower. The first step in approaching the whistleblower lawyer is to decide whether the case is good enough. Concluding if the case is good gives the Whistleblower lawyer a solid foundation of how to investigate as well as winning the case. The Whistleblower lawyer can inspect the corruption allegations to identify a witness as well as the evidence available. The next thing they do is to assess the financial influences of your protests and work hand in hand with financial specialists who can examine the worth of the monetary approval. The next thing the Whistleblower Attorney does is to collaborate with the important government agencies to protect their client as well as seeing the payment process succeeds. The SEC Whistleblower Attorney always makes sure that the case does not delay as the SEC cases have strict time limits.

FreedomPop Is My New Phone Resource At The Shelter

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FreedomPop is new resources that we use for phone calls at the shelter, and it is because they make free phones and free phone plans. I have actually gotten people signed up for the service because of the FreedomPop review that I read, and I know that all these people can get the things that they need just by having a phone that works. You might think that it is not that simple, but FreedomPop has made it simpler. There are many people who need to be sure that they are looking for a better way to have help, and that is where FreedomPop comes in.

I get a few of these phones every month, and I try to hand them out to the people that I see. I know that they are very excited to talk on the phone with people they know, and they might be able to get someone to come help them. That means that we can resolve a lot of problems, and it also helps me to make sure that I can help these people beyond making them stand in line in front of just one phone. The phone itself is a lot better than just telling them it will be ok.
I want to be sure that every single person who is trying to get the results that they need is going to have a FreedomPop cell phone to talk on. The phones have free plans that I teach people how to use, and I had them out a lot to make sure that all the residents can get something that helps. I have a phone that I take for granted sometimes, but now my residents are able to get the cell phone that they have been dying to use for a long time.