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George Soros Gangs with donors to resist Trump

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Rich liberals among them George Soros had a gathering that lasted for three days with the aim of coming up with strategies to fight Donald Trump and take power back. They had spent a lot of money so as to ensure Hillary Clinton wins elections. The closed door meeting took place in Washington, and it started on Sunday. It took place at an expensive hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. The meeting was sponsored by a club for Democrats and George Soros, which is influential and powerful.

Those who attended include some of the union leaders and liberals like George Soros. Leaders such as Nancy Pelosi who is House Democratic leader, senator Elizabeth Warren and a co-chairman for Congressional Progressive Caucus, Keith Ellison were among the leaders who attended the congress as noted from an agenda and other documents.

It marked the first main meeting of the left institution since Donald Trump emerged victorious defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Trump’s win came as a shock to the world as many expected otherwise. George Soros and liberal’s plans are to stage warfare against Donald Trump since he won the elections. Some of their projects focus on the elections in 2017 and 2018 while others are to make sure that they upset plans of Trump in which he wants to do away with Obama’s achievements.

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As the meeting was happening, many liberals were also reviewing the way they had approached the elections. The role of the Democratic Alliance of George Soros, a club responsible for financing was also questionable. The organization, the donors, and groups which benefit over the years have had the primary role in organizing the left institution and even positioned some prominent organizations around Clinton. They focused on the idea that minorities and women make the rising American electorate hoping it could shape the elections to Democrats.

Trump won the elections with massive support from the whites who are working class hence their strategy did not work. The beneficiary groups of Democratic Alliance used climate change and role of money in politics to woo the voters, but it was not the case as shown by the exit polls. One of the strategists of Democrats and who has been active in the group by attending the gathering was heard citing that the DA should be called into question.

There was another liberal who saw it differently, and he did not find it important for the DA to use a different approach when it comes to politics altogether. In contrast, the operative rejected the idea claiming that they should not learn the wrong lesson from the election. His claims were that Clinton was on track to winning the popular vote and that Trump got fewer votes the last GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. His concept was that they should encourage their people to vote primarily on the day of the election.

The president of the DA, Gara LaMarche however, said that there was some reassessment that was in order. He claims that one cannot lose an election he/she was expected to win unless there were mistakes and assumptions on their strategies and tactics. He said that if they are to resist the Trump administration, then they should do reassessment without rushing and pointing fingers at one another and by so doing it possible for them to take power back in the states in 2017 and 2018.

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Jason Hope: Challenging Modern Thought

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One of the factors that drive progress is the challenge of modern thought. It is very important for people to take the time to examine the thoughts of the time so that they can come up with something that brings them further along. For one thing, if people just accepted what was told to them blindly, then they will likely be stagnant in their progress. Now, this does not mean that people should just challenge anything that is said to them. For one thing, the thought that is being challenged has to have a likelihood of being false. The challenger has to be someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

One example of someone who challenges thoughts is Jason Hope. He is someone who is very passionate about his field. This is one of the reasons Jason Hope works in the technology field as an entrepreneur. He is someone that is very insightful and willing to share what he realizes with people. One thing that he does not want is to keep his beliefs to himself. He instead is willing to actually find a platform to present his ideas to people. Jason Hope writes lot about a lot of topics when it comes to modern thought.

Perhaps one of his most important aspects of his work is his philanthropy. Jason Hope takes the time to be involved in many different activities that are meant to bring improvement to living conditions in his community. This is one of the most important and admirable traits of Jason Hope (@jasonhope) He is involved in his immediate community. While other people may take their charity and put it into efforts that are abroad, Jason understands that there is a need in his community as well. Therefore, he focuses a lot of his efforts on meeting local needs.

Jason Hope is someone who brings hope for the new generation. For one thing, he is able to express his ideas in ways that will get people to consider them. He has such a joy and enthusiasm for what he is talking about. This is one of the reasons he is gaining a lot of recognition.

To learn more about Jason Hope, find him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Bernardo Chua: A Professional That Brings Forth Health Innovations

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There are a lot of people that deal with health. However, few people have a vision that compares with Bernardo Chua. Bernardo himself has envisioned a worlds that experiences a lot of improved health. One of the ways that he intends to bring forth better health to the world is the use of ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient herb that is grown in Asia. It has been used to treat various health issues. Bernardo Chua has also come to the conclusion that it could be used in some beverages that people make. One type of beverage that Bernardo Chua uses in order to bring forth greater health is coffee.

In order to bring forth healthier coffee to the world, Bernardo Chua has worked with plenty of other people in order to set up Organo Gold. Originally a company that got its products out through independent distributors, Organo Gold has grown in fame and business. People have given this company a try and have seen a lot of benefits that it offered people who tried the products from the company. As a result, the company has expanded to different markets so that more customers could experience a healthier alternative to their favorite drinks.

One very significant move that Organo Gold has made was the expansion to Turkey. This is significant because of the history that coffee has with Turkey. It is in fact the first country to have a coffeehouse. This is one of the reasons that Turkey is considered one of the most significant moves for Organo Gold.

People in Turkey have also experienced a returning interest in health and fitness. The ingredient Organo Gold, ganoderma, helps people find the energy to pursue greater health and a more fulfilling life. Bernardo Chua has worked very hard to bring forth his vision of a healthier world.

Plan the Perfect Event with Twenty-Three Layers

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Your boss has just tasked you with planning and organizing a community event for the company. This is a new assignment and you are not sure where or how to start. The easy way to get started is to ask Who, What, Where, When and Why. Develop a checklist of the things your boss wants to include. Keep good notes and start to feel comfortable with the idea. Think about events you have attended and try to recall the positives and negatives. You may need expert advice and there is a resource you can turn to called the balance and their article entitled “15 steps to Hiring an Event Planner” at Take the time to review the article and it will provide some valuable and key advice.


Get started as soon as possible in your search for an event planner. Some Planners may specialize in the type of events they manage or organize so look for someone with the experience and background tailored to your needs. Get references from past clients and check their reputations and Facebook pages for comments and recent event activity.


Event planning companies in NYC for example have a knowledge and grasp of the best places, times and methods to plan a variety of events. They know which venues, restaurants or even public areas will be the best fit for events and get yours noticed and well attended. Communication and frequent contact is imperative. You need to know exactly what your event planner is doing, planning and thinking and make sure that fits with your company’s goals.


One of the premier event planners in NYC is Twenty-Three Layers located at 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014. They have a rich history and excellent reputation and their many clients include such notables as J, RueLaLa, Prudential, David Lynch Foundation and Spotify to name a few. You can see even more on their webpage at / . You will also be able to browse through their gallery, services and read testimonials from customers. They have been featured in ‘Style Me Pretty’ in 2016, TimeOut New York, Elle Decor and New York, The Cut.


Now that you have a starting point, get organized and find your perfect event planner. Visit the Twenty-Three Layers website today and contact them to get started. Here it is again –


Have a wonderful time planning and attending your special event.


FreedomPop Showcases Huge Growth

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FreedomPop is the mobile carrier that has slowly, but assuredly, taking over the tech world for the better part of the past couple of years. With so many people getting tired of their conventional mobile plans with restrictive contracts and reductive data plans, it only made sense to use that FreedomPop found some room to grow in a serious way. FreedomPop has been proudly disrupting the conventional wisdom in the mobile service world for awhile now and the latest FreedomPop review batch has been nothing but positive.


The FreedomPop Way

What FreedomPop brings to customers is alarmingly simple and yet hard for most people to understand. FreedomPop offers customers completely free mobile service which includes talk minutes, text messages, and yes even mobile data for usage on the internet. All FreedomPop users are supplied with the completely free core plan which is centered around the 500 MB of mobile data that is completely free. This service is meant to be used as an entrance into what FreedomPop can provide their customers. Once people see that the service is free and effective there is hope that customers will seek to upgrade.


Customers who choose to upgrade with FreedomPop will have a proverbial buffet of data upgrades, plan increases, and product choices. FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols has always opted to market FreedomPop as a sort of digital shopping mall will customers can pick and choose exactly what they want so that it’ll cater to their needs. This means that FreedomPop will avoid shoving down restrictive contracts toward their customers.


For customers who are relatively social and influential there are ways to earn free services. Customers who use FreedomPop can utilize surveys and offers that are prompted via their phones in order to earn more data. You’ll see services like Netflix, mobile games, and even FreeCreditReport out there offering people the chance to earn data and more talk/text. FreedomPop users can also be rewarded through a referral program.


These advances aren’t exactly new for people who have been paying attention, though. FreedomPop has been pushing the envelope for awhile now ever since their $30 million funding acquisition, as reported by Tech Crunch. FreedomPop has spent much of the past year or so working on expanding their wireless network with a series of servers and hotspots throughout the United States. Now they are pushing FreedomPop as the next, big, connected network and we can’t wait to utilize it.





FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month


Refinancing Your Car With Ignition Finance Can Get You Out Of Trouble

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Buying a new car can be both and exciting and confusing experience. When shopping for a new car, you are faced with a great many choices concerning models, colors and additional options for your new vehicle. Of all of the choices that people are faced with when buying a new car, often financing is given the least amount of thought. This is because the car dealers are very helpful in arranging financing for you so that you don’t have to worry about that part of the deal. Car dealers go out of their way to make sure that you know that they can make car financing fast and easy. So, you buy the car with monthly payments that you think are affordable, and you drive away in your new car.


As time goes by you may realize that your monthly car payments are not as affordable as you thought they would be. Something may have changed in your life that made your car payments more burdensome than you had anticipated. Things like a loss of a job, reduced work hours or even a new baby may have drastically changed your financial situation. You may have to look for ways to cut your monthly expenses in order to make ends meet. You may be asking yourself: Is there a way that I can slash my payments on this car? The answer is yes; there is a way. You can refinance your car using Ignition Financial.


Most people don’t think that they can refinance their car. But they can. The key to lowering your monthly car payments is to refinance the vehicle at a lower interest rate. If you bought your car with dealer financing you can usually refinance at a lower rate because the dealer financed you at a higher rate than he should have. Car dealers have an agreement with all of their lenders that allows them to tack on a few extra interest points for themselves to keep. This can make your car loan between 2 and 4 percent higher than it should be. This adds up to a lot of money over the term of your loan.


When you refinance your car at a lower rate your monthly payments will drop instantly. You can use this extra money to save or to pay other bills. When you refinance your car, you may also have the option of getting a loan that allows you to pay of the car sooner so that you will have on less bill.