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Choose Beverly Hills Auto for Your Next BMW!

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Beverly Hills Auto group gives you a great chance to own a great used BWM. Why own a used BMW instead of a brand spanking new one? Well let me suggest to you that the folks down at Beverly Hills Auto group are not selling you just any old BMW,but these are hand selected to fit you and your family needs, desires, and wants in a used luxury car.


The Beverly Hills Auto group caters to your needs in a test drive situation by making your driving experience a personal and detailed one. A used BMW offers you the benefit of a higher resale value with less upkeep than a new car off the lot. You can personalize your used BMW and make it your own unique driving experience. Some of the best models to check out at the Beverly Hills Auto group include the 328i sedan, the X3 SUV, and the 728i sedan model.

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Sawyer Howitt Works Hard To Make A Difference In Society

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Sawyer Howitt became apart of the Meriwether Group, founded by his father, at the young age of 17. The Meriwether Group provides the necessary tools needed within a business to promote growth and success. Sawyer Howitt holds the position as the Project Manager. His responsibilities include leading others in the right direction that is best for the company. He oversees any project efforts performed by the Meriwether Group. His dedication to each and every task speaks volumes. Howitt is known for coming to work everyday with a will to learn new things.

Sawyer Howitt has a great interest in the business industry. He set up his high school courses to cover topics in business and finance. That’s where he directed his focus throughout his high school career. He also joined administrative internships that provided him with some experience. He became knowledgeable about how to run a business from the operational side to the financial side. Sawyer Howitt had a understanding of many different things such as complex spreadsheets and presentations. Nothing proved to be too hard for him. Some would say that Sawyer Howitt has entrepreneurial traits and characteristics because of his mindset. He doesn’t let anything get in his way of achieving his goals. He is planning on attending the University of California, Berkeley, with a major in Entrepreneurial Finance. Other plans include helping other future entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals in a major way.

Regardless of his age, Sawyer Howitt has provided leadership to many different philanthropic organizations that stood for causes like educational funding and women’s rights. He also has been a leader for ethnic study groups and helped to mentor problematic youth. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in music, fashion, health and wellness. He also is a big supporter of The Portland Trail Blazers. He likes to keep up with business interactions all over the world.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel: The Hero behind Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel, The Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor’s owner, is a veteran in the healthcare sector, with 18 years of experience. Avi has created a name for himself for his contribution towards solving sleep apnea. Avi is an alumnus of esteemed higher learning centers like the New York University College of Dentistry and Rutgers University. On Dec 13, 2016, Ideamensch featured the legend in an interview where he discussed at length about his professional life. Besides that, Dr. Avi talked briefly about general entrepreneurial life as well as his personal life.

Avi’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Before launching Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel had accumulated a lot of experience in marketing and dentistry. This experience together with a passion for finding solutions to sleep-related diseases was instrumental in the establishment of the firm. Surprisingly, Avi told ideamensch that working as a dentist wasn’t fun to him, as many would have expected. Even though the 15 years he worked in dentistry taught him quite a lot, he never liked the profession.

Upon instituting Sleep Masters in 2014, Dr. Avi had to work hard so as to see his dream come to fruition. Entrepreneurship is an art Avi has mastered only too well. He told Ideamensch that he spends about 11 hours of his day working where the time is scheduled from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening. To ensure that everything goes as strategically planned, he makes sure that every idea that comes to his mind is noted down, discussed, and analyzed before executing it.

A Business Idea

Dr. Avi was asked of a business idea that he had, which he would give away to the readers. He advised prospective entrepreneurs to be innovative and come up with simple solutions to some existing problems. In the dental industry, for example, he said that there was a need for an alternative to the dental mirror. An entrepreneur who would design a self-wiping dental mirror would make it big in the entrepreneurial world.

About Avi

Dr. Avi Weisfogel now lives and offers his services in New Jersey. His first entrepreneurial establishment was in 1999 when he founded Old Bridge Dental Care, a firm he managed until he established Dental Sleep Masters. His other ventures are Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.

PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Instills Confidence to their Clients With Innovative Strategies

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Marketing is one of the key important functions in any organization. With the advancement of technology, most businesses and individuals are running away from the traditional marketing strategies and are adopting new ones.

Podcast advertising is one effective marketing campaign strategy that is commonly used by businesses today. When releasing the results of their recently conducted research PodcastOne, Chairman and Founder Norman Pattiz affirmed that their effective advertising strategies have the effectiveness of increasing product perception and awareness both in new and reputable brands hence increasing the buyers’ tendency to purchase the goods.

PodcastOne’s brand lift research was conducted by Edison Research, a reputable research company in the industry during the last half of the year 2016. The research company used five big national brands from both the product and service industries.

Out of the five brands, a few were well recognized introducing a new service or product in the market whereas others were lesser-known brands seeking to familiarize their brand and products through PodcastOne advertising. After running the marketing messages for a period of six months, Edison Research Company was able to come with positive results for the company. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

From the research, at least 60% of the PodcastOne listeners were able to remember a certain type of product that was advertised compared to the 7% respondents in the pre-study. The awareness level of different marketing campaigns increased from 24% to 47% prompting certain consumers of goods to increase their likelihood of purchasing the goods increase from 16% to 232%. Finally the last realization that the research company made that the awareness certain campaign markets such as the automobile and restaurant markets increased by 60% and 70%.

Agreeing with the results of the research, Vice-President of Strategy Tom Webster noted that PodcastOne strategies have a very significant effect on several factors within the business. Therefore, whosoever chooses to market their products or services with PodcastOne is guaranteed of not only improving their sales figure but also creating a reputable brand image for their business.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the Chairman and founder of PodcastOne, a company he opened in 2012. According to Crunchbase, with a reputation in broadcast industry, Normal is a reputable leader and industry player when it comes to the media industry. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Norman had held executive position both at local and national levels with his greatest position being on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America (BBG) for two consecutive terms.

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Using Insurance to Achieve Economic Independence: Dublin’s Own David Giertz Provides Some Insight

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Economic independence is a goal for everyone. Everyone desires to be financially independent. This can be achieved using a plan. Most people do not know how to develop a plan towards financial independence. A financial advisor comes in handy. Financial advisors help an individual to develop an achievable and realistic goal. The best financial advisors give a person tailor-made options. This is because the financial state of a person is different from everyone else’s. Financial advisors enable people to make informed decisions on LinkedIn. They are able to make many people acquire financial independence using these decisions.

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He enables people to achieve financial independence using insurance covers. Insurance covers are a method towards financial independence. This channel enables people to save while covering themselves against any future health issue. It also enables people to have money that can be used as a security towards calamity. People can have one solution that can be used to meet multipurpose needs. They will be in a position to achieve financial independence in the long run. David Giertz uses insurance plans to develop the economic muscle of individuals. This is a platform to enable financial success in the society. David offers solutions for people depending on the different economic resources that they have.

David Giertz enables people to understand the different ways they can achieve economic success. This enables the society to have more individuals who are economically independent. They are able to achieve different goals in life. People should look out for financial advisors who give them the correct information about financial independence at They should look out for ways that they can use as channels towards economic success. People should invest in the correct financial advisors. The plans offered by financial advisors will enable them to achieve economic success.

Securus Technologies is a Company That Is Taking The Steps That Are Required To Ensure They’re Providing Inmates and their Visitors an Opportunity in Which They Can Communicate With One Another Conveniently

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Securus Technologies is providing inmates with an incredible opportunity in which they’re provided an opportunity to chat with their relatives, significant others, co-workers, or anyone else who they may consider visitor(s) through a mode of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) are not required to leave their places of residence.


If you’re not sure about exactly how you may be able to benefit from the program that is currently being offered by the company of Securus Technologies, it’s recommended for you to visit the website, as there’s many details pertaining to it on there. You may come to discover one of the greatest opportunities is being provided to communities through its utilization, as it is a program that is offering them solutions of having crimes solved. When/if criminal matters are discussed over the videoconferencing sessions that occur between visitor(s) and inmates, law enforcement agencies can use those very segments in court to proceed with investigations should it be necessary.


Securus technologies is not your ordinary communications system by any means, as it is a program that has been created to offer inmates, their visitor(s), and communities benefits in several different ways. If you’re wanting to see whether the program is compatible with your particular device(s), it’s recommended for you to speak with a consultant who may be able to provide you with an adequate amount of instructions to find out. If you do not see Securus Technologies listed for utilization at the correctional facility that you need to utilize it in on the list that is available on its website, it is recommended for you to contact the communications dept. of the correctional facility where you are wanting to utilize it in. They may be able to have it installed for you. Visit the website of Securus Technologies today!


Sawyer Howitt Sees Opportunities with Meriwether Group

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Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and has been preparing for a career in the field for many years. He has always made sure that he is doing what he can to make things better for people who are in different situations and has come a long way with the opportunities that he has. Sawyer Howitt is committed to being able to make sure that he can get more out of the different situations that he is in. Thanks to all of the new opportunities that have come his way, Sawyer Howitt is sure that he will be able to do more with the Meriwether Group. As an entrepreneur, he plans on making major decisions for the Meriwether Group. He is going to make changes and bring new information to the group. As someone who is new on the scene and is young compared to some of the other people who work for the company, Sawyer Howitt is confident that he can bring about change at Meriwether.

While Sawyer Howitt has a long way to go with the career moves that he plans on making by the end of his career, he is still doing a lot at the Meriwether Group. He started out as a project manager and has excelled in this position. He used the experience that he got from the practice that he had at the group to make himself better suited for the position. This has given him the options that he needs to make sure that things are going to work out for the company and for him overall. Visit him on

David Howitt, Sawyer’s father, is in charge of many operations at the Meriwether Group. He has worked hard to make the company successful and he plans on using Sawyer’s expertise in the future. David Howitt knows that he has prepared his son well and that he will be able to be even more successful with the options that he has. Depending on how well Sawyer Howitt does in the different situations that he is in, David Howitt plans on helping him learn more about the Meriwether Group and the subsequent operations at the company.