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Creating Sparks in Business: Mark Sparks Pushes the Envelope as a Serial Entrepreneur

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Every business needs sparks that motivate their customers to purchase their products and services. Without any sparks there is no motivation. Marc Sparks understands that there has to be a certain spark that grabs the attention of a potential customer. That spark can be an idea that hasn’t been done before or a new twist on an old idea.

The very first thing everyone should put in the front is that no idea is too ridiculous to pursue. Sparks knows in his own experience as the catalyst for start-ups that the most impossible idea can be the one that creates the most success. His passion is to help both small and large businesses succeed through a unified pattern that pushes the envelope.

Pushing the Envelope: A Sense of Urgency

Sparks’ success comes from his sense of urgency in pushing the products and services at the right time. Having the wrong product and service at the wrong time can break a company. Timing is everything. What this means to a would-be entrepreneur is that they shouldn’t be afraid to respond to that spark when it comes. It is that outrageous sense of urgency nicknamed “spark speed” that creates the difference when promoting and selling a product and service.

Pushing the Envelope: Having Faith in Your Product and Service

Pushing the envelope often requires faith. The cornerstone of success is having faith that your product and service will perform as expected. That initial spark can dim when you’re confronted with unforeseen obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles you will face is the negativity of those around you that tell you that it can’t be done.

Sparks’ Timber Creek Capital LP equity firm supports companies that have faith in their products and services. Spark believes that many would-be entrepreneurs fail because they don’t want to take the risk of failing and getting back again. It is the fear factor that dooms any business venture.

Pushing the Envelope: Keeping it Simple

Many would-be entrepreneurs tend to overcomplicate their presentations or create a complicated way to use their products and services. It is best to keep things simple for your clients and customers. Overly complex processes and difficult accessibility deter clients and customers. Sparks knows that the simpler the product and service is presented, the more interest will be generated. This doesn’t mean that you can skimp on the data. It just means that you need to present the data clearly so people can understand.

Marc Sparks’ philosophy in life is that businesses need to focus on what’s important. That includes faith and tenacity in doing what is right for your business. Learn more:


Securus Technologies Presents Surprise Hit With Video Visitation

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Securus Technologies is a company that has managed to put information technology in the prison system at the forefront. Many other companies provide technology like video visitation, but there are not a lot of companies that have actually put time into building the type of technology infrastructure that Securus Technologies has built for the Department of Corrections.


There is quite a bit of buzz going around about the video visitation that has been created by Securus Technologies. I utilize this because I think that it is a great way to stay in touch with family members that are locked away. I think that many people will agree that this is the perfect way to visit without actually going to the prison.


Nobody wants to go to a prison for a visitation if they really do not have to. The thing I like about the video visitation data created by Securus Technologies is that I get a chance to actually have multiple friends in the room with me when I make a decision to visit a friend or a cousin that is incarcerated. This is very uplifting to the inmates that are inside, and I think that it actually keeps them on their best behavior. No one wants to get the privilege of video visitation taken away.


I think that this is good because it really inspires inmates that are locked away because it gives them a chance to actually see a new environment in the background. It is just not the same as me coming to the prison and visiting them in their environment. When an inmate gets a chance to engage in video visitation they are actually visiting with me in my own environment because they can see where I am. This has to be something that motivates them.