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The Role Of Shafik Sachedina At Ismaili Studies

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Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon by profession. He is rich in knowledge regarding his profession due to his vast experience. This was gained over time since he graduated from Guys Hospital medical and dental school.

He is a Tanzanian by birth, who has invested greatly in the health sector. As a highly educated individual with great experience, his guidance is needed by many. Shafik is, therefore, member of many management teams. Being a leader, he loves voluntary work. He means to uphold the practice of doing charity activities to the community.

The Institute of Ismaili studies offers researchers and education on Muslim faith and tradition. This is for the purpose of boosting its relationship with the community and other denominations. Here the Muslims meet to learn more about Ismaili doctrine. They are reminded of their origin and practices.

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Shafik Sachedina duties in this institution based in London include;

Budget allocation in the institute
The money to use for various activities is allocated properly. This ensures all money is accounted for clearly.

Coordination of plans
He ensures decisions made by management are followed through. This is by seeing to it that the right activities are taking place at the right time.

Delegating duties and instructions given by Imam
As the leader of the Ismaili institution, duties given by him are further delegated by Shafik to reach the intended audience.

Acts as the connection between the Imam and institutions
Shafik passes the information from his superior down to the institutes. He ensures the guidelines given reach the institutes clearly.

Imam’s representative
He attends meetings on behalf of the Imam. His presence in an institutional meeting or any other Muslim meeting speaks for their leader. He also takes duties of coordinating the institutions on behalf of his Highness.

He urges the peaceful debates between parties in government and its opposition. Here he sets an example in preaching peace among all people.

Shafik Sachedina plays these vital roles to emphasize the motive of continuously learning about Muslim culture and ideologies. He is a well-connected individual in social media who shows professionalism through online platforms to further create awareness.

His role as a founder and joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare shows his voluntary service to helping better communities. Sussex health care is a caregiving facility located in West Sussex. It caters to the elderly, mentally ill, dementia and physically disabled and other related long-term care conditions.

Ricardo Tosto: Hiring A Top Attorney In Brazil

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When you set up a business or an organization, you will need help creating different contracts and agreements. A business lawyer can help you draft foolproof contracts and documents that protect your business and that will stand up in court.Any attorney you hire to represent you or advise you on business issues needs to be qualified and experienced. You need a lawyer who is experienced in handling your particular kind of case, is able to help you understand the rules and regulations and represent you. It is also advisable to hire an attorney who has litigation experience should your case go to court.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho runs a prominent law firm that specializes in helping clients in Brazil with a wide variety of legal issues. His law firm handles issues related to business and corporate law and is well recognized in the industry.

Business lawyers regularly advise clients on corporate governance related litigation, including shareholder disputes, breach of contract, squeeze-out procedures and issues related to public take-over bids. Reliable attorneys recognize that it is smart to prevent a legal problem and regularly advise business and corporate clients on risk management issues.For business owners, corporate leaders and company managers who need help in resolving their legal problems, Ricardo Tosto offers expert representation and advice on both simple and complex issues.

If you have a breach of contract case or other dispute issue related to business, Ricardo Tosto has expert skills to represent you and obtain a great outcome for you. When it comes to the challenges or complexities of business and corporate legal matters, Ricardo Tosto can guide you through the entire process.Ricardo Tosto also offers advice and guidance on how to form a new business and helps clients understand the applicable laws and the various legal structures you can choose from.Ricardo Tosto is caring, understanding, professional, compassionate, and always willing to work hard to make sure his clients’ rights and their investments are protected. Ricardo Tosto stands ready to advise and help his clients reach their goals.

Sending Kids to Rocketship Education

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Being able to send your children to a high-quality school is something that almost every parent would love to be able to do. The problem that comes with sending your child to a higher quality school is that you are often stuck paying for it. If you are sending your child to a public school, the fees are totally free for you and your family, but they may not be getting the education that they truly need. This is why a lot of parents are beginning to choose charter schools for their children, and there is no better charter school in the country than Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education gears itself towards impoverished areas, giving people the chance to easily and quickly make use of a quality school without having to pay for anything. You will also find that this is something that is going to save you money simply because you can get away from private schooling systems that charge an arm and a leg for your child to go there. If you would like more information about Rocketship Education, you can visit their website and see the different programs that they have available for you and your family. Once you make the decision to send your child to Rocketship Education, you are doing something that is going to benefit them in a variety of different ways.

Rocketship Education is based out of California, but they have opened facilities all throughout the country, making it quick and effortless for you to send your child to one of their centers. A lot of people are realizing that this is something that is going to benefit them in a variety of different ways. If you have children, you want them to go to a school that is going to provide them with the education that they need to get ahead in life. If you do not send your children to a good quality school, they will suffer for the rest of their life because they did not get the type of education that they needed to get into a good college and then get a career that they could absolutely enjoy.

Fabletics goes from Online to Stores

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When Fabletics first started they were one of those companies that was not as well known. They decided to do something different and it changed the way they did outfits for a long time to come.

Fabletics Online

When Fabletics started a few years ago, they were an online company only. They would work with people like you to create a different kind of plan. When you sign up with them, they get your style choices and it’s easy to do. They send you a different outfit every month and you get something that looks great on you as well as something that feels comfortable and easy to use.


The online option is easy to do and it will give you a chance to try new clothing without going out to the stores every time you want something. You can set up your account and then wait for it to show up every month. You can also pause your subsciption if you don’t want to get something that month or if you want to just pause for other reasons.


Fabletics Stores

After the success of the online store, they decided to open a few stores in major cities. These stores allow you to go in and chack out the clothing you might want and see what colors are going to look the best. You can try them on and get a better look at everything FAbletics has to offer you in the way of clothing.


Another great thing about it is you can get extra clothing instead of just the ones you get every month. You can also look at other styles that may not be what you normally get. You can just pay for it and walk out with a new bit of clothing.


There are many ways you can get the best clothing for your needs, but Fabletics is going to be something that will be great for your needs. You don’t have to worry about not getting great items. You can just wait for it and have great items that are comfortable and that are great looking as well.

Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Create Data Precision Operating Systems To Battle Cancer

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Every year, thousands of people lose the battle to cancer and leave their loved ones behind to go through immense grief and pain. A few years ago, Eric Lefkofsky, helped his wife win the battle against breast cancer, and although they were triumphant, this made the couple realize the gap between available patient information versus the actual usable data that can be used to create compelling treatment plans. This realization gave birth to Tempus, an initiative by Eric Lefkofsky that uses data precision devices to compute large chunks of data and make it usable to formulate patient-specific treatment plans.

Eric Lefkofsky faced various challenges when he conceptualized data precision devices, better known as the operating system that can battle cancer. The first of these obstacles was to get access to patient data, and when this barrier was crossed, the next challenge was to make sense of written and typed doctor’s notes as well as other significant chunks of patient data. This situation was remedied by including natural language processing and optical character recognition capabilities as part of the data precision devices. This power moved allowed text fields to be captured, digitally inputted and analyzed accurately. The result of this entire process was to be able to read free text fields, with critical notes and transform all these pieces of data into structured and usable information

Tempus is powered primarily by Eric Lefkofsky and his core team and is supported by his wife who understands the importance of the need for this technology. The data precision devices gather molecular data as well as other information, compute and transform seemingly random doctor’s assessments into an actual treatment plan that is designed keeping the nature and intensity of the ailment in mind.

Together with the love and support of his wife, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This private charitable fund, aids in the attempts to advance high-impact techniques to improve the lives of various social groups and communities. Eric Lefkofsky also acts as a Trustee in various organizations in and around Chicago. One of these medical organizations includes the Lurie Children’s Hospital.