Brian Bonar: Experience is the Difference

by GSR2016 .

When you talk about someone like Brian Bonar, there is one thing that stands out, to me, more than anything and that is his experience. He has almost thirty years of experience in professional management in the financial sector. That is almost three decades and let me tell you, when you have done something for that long, you learn a lot about yourself and the financial sector.

You learn the ups, the downs, and everything else in between. What I like is that he has weathered the storm. Brian Bonar has never given up, never quit, and never thrown in the towel. The way to stay in this business that long is to remain even keeled.

You know two very important things and you always remember them: the bad times won’t always be bad and the good times won’t last forever. That is something very important to remember. When you have bad times, it can be easy to feel as though you can never crawl out of the hole and you will be in it forever and there is no way out.

It feels helpless, scary, and you worry about the future and what it holds. When you have good times, you think they will always be this way and you will never have to worry a day in your life. As the old song says, come on, let the good times roll.

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar has always kept his pulse on the market and never gotten too high and too low and that is why he is a great recipient of the Cambridge Who’s Who┬« Executive of the Year in Finance. This award means a great deal to Brian, without a shadow of a doubt, as only two men and two women receive it every year. You have to earn it and it isn’t just given to you. There are few things more rewarding than being honored by your peers and recognized by a group of people for all you have done.

The great thing about Brian is that he isn’t slowing down any time soon. He is just getting started. Everything he has been through and gone through, good and bad, as I mentioned, has prepared him to handle whatever is around the corner. He is ready to embrace, defeat it, and be a better person because of it. That is why he has earned this award. You can’t put a price tag on experience and you can’t put a price tag on all that he has seen and done throughout his career. Even though he doesn’t do this job for the awards, it is impossible not to get excited when you get awards like this, as they hold a special place in your heart.

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