PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Instills Confidence to their Clients With Innovative Strategies

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Marketing is one of the key important functions in any organization. With the advancement of technology, most businesses and individuals are running away from the traditional marketing strategies and are adopting new ones.

Podcast advertising is one effective marketing campaign strategy that is commonly used by businesses today. When releasing the results of their recently conducted research PodcastOne, Chairman and Founder Norman Pattiz affirmed that their effective advertising strategies have the effectiveness of increasing product perception and awareness both in new and reputable brands hence increasing the buyers’ tendency to purchase the goods.

PodcastOne’s brand lift research was conducted by Edison Research, a reputable research company in the industry during the last half of the year 2016. The research company used five big national brands from both the product and service industries.

Out of the five brands, a few were well recognized introducing a new service or product in the market whereas others were lesser-known brands seeking to familiarize their brand and products through PodcastOne advertising. After running the marketing messages for a period of six months, Edison Research Company was able to come with positive results for the company. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

From the research, at least 60% of the PodcastOne listeners were able to remember a certain type of product that was advertised compared to the 7% respondents in the pre-study. The awareness level of different marketing campaigns increased from 24% to 47% prompting certain consumers of goods to increase their likelihood of purchasing the goods increase from 16% to 232%. Finally the last realization that the research company made that the awareness certain campaign markets such as the automobile and restaurant markets increased by 60% and 70%.

Agreeing with the results of the research, Vice-President of Strategy Tom Webster noted that PodcastOne strategies have a very significant effect on several factors within the business. Therefore, whosoever chooses to market their products or services with PodcastOne is guaranteed of not only improving their sales figure but also creating a reputable brand image for their business.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the Chairman and founder of PodcastOne, a company he opened in 2012. According to Crunchbase, with a reputation in broadcast industry, Normal is a reputable leader and industry player when it comes to the media industry. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Norman had held executive position both at local and national levels with his greatest position being on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America (BBG) for two consecutive terms.

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