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White Shark Media Adwords Campaigns

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White Shark Media Complaints team introduced a new process designed to address their customer’s questions, concerns, compliments, and complaints in a constructive and effective manner. In order to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, White Shark Media compiled a list of common complaints received over the years and the company has developed unique ways to make sure these issues do not happen again.

Adwords Campaigns

In order to address complaints related to Adwords campaigns, White Shark Media has improved their communication with their clients. For new campaigns, the company now thoroughly explains the nuances of the campaign so the clients understand how to check out their campaign’s performance as well as other important Adwords metrics.


Communication is key. White Shark Media aims to reduce frustration and participate in meaningful communication with their clients in order to help them achieve outstanding results. Two major communication strategies are now implemented by the company to improve communication with clients. First, White Shark Media is now scheduling monthly status calls with GoToMeeting. The company also implemented a phone system with extensions so that clients can reach a human operator in a more efficient manner.

Optimized Campaigns
The criticism of White Shark Media’s campaign competency was taken very seriously by the company. White Shark Media has improved its ability to better manage Adwords campaigns by creating stronger teams of SEO strategists as well as placing a supervisor with every SEO team.

SEO Services
While White Shark Media does not currently offer SEO services, the company has improved its ability to distinguish between stellar and incompetent SEO service companies. White Shark Media now reviews all client SEO services as well as the company so that clients will not lose money with their SEO vendor.

Customer Support Services
White Shark Media improved upon their customer support services by restructuring the way in which they lend a hand to their clients. Unlike their previous model, White Shark Media’s new clients are placed with a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager and the manager stays with the client to offer support services throughout the duration of the client’s campaign

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Data Privacy & Doxxing Prevention

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When it comes to keeping your personal information private and off of the internet, Darius Fisher may know a thing or two. Darius Fisher is the President and CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs, based out of Houston Texas. His job keeps him focused on how to best manage your presence on the internet, thus giving you the best chance to stay ahead of any sort of public controversies. This has taught him how to help stop users from getting doxxed. Doxxing is the act of having your personal info leaked and abused. Read up on these quick tips to prevent yourself from getting doxxed.

Fisher knows that the key to doxxing prevention is maintaining just how much information you put on the internet to begin with. Of course, everyone wants to be a part of the digital age and this means we’ll be spending a ton of time on social media. If you want to keep your social media accounts active then focus on how private they are. Dig through the various security and privacy settings to make sure that all of your info is contained to only ‘friends’ and never the general public.

After you’ve locked down your social media account you need to approach the passwords that you are using on your other accounts. Fisher advocates keeping each password different and complicated. Don’t back up your passwords on the internet, either. Instead write them all down on a piece of paper and throw it in a drawer next to your computer. Your drawer can’t get hacked by people looking to steal your accounts. Skip over any complicated and expensive password storage programs as it just isn’t worth the effort.

Finally you need to be ready to act if something does indeed go wrong. If you find that you are hacked or your information gets out into the public, stay calm. Fisher advocates calmly documenting all of the leaked information as well as where it was found. Once this is done you can begin to make the appropriate maneuvers to get everything fixed and made secure once again.

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