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IAP Worldwide Services Continues To Provide Reliable Services

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IAP Worldwide is a global scale provider of facilities management, logistics, and technical as well as professional services. Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) is ready to handle the most challenging public and private sector challenges. Irrespective of the intensity of the task at hand, they will be able to tackle any problem within a moment’s notice. They have a team of experienced professional on who deliver the support required by the customers with a ready workforce, around the globe. IAP is available in more than 25 countries, and it has over 2000 people working together to ensure safety around the world.

Customer satisfaction
At IAP, all customers are treated as equally important. From natural disasters to overseas battle, they will help you with your problem and get the best solution for the same. IAP Worldwide Services is also known for their responsiveness and customer satisfaction support that has earned them popularity within a short span of time.

History of IAP
IAP Worldwide was initially started as Pan Am World Services in the year 1953. Since then they have contributed significantly to the development of the society. IAP Worldwide holds the pride of operating and building the first space launch complex base of America. In 1989, Johnson Controls acquired Pan Am World Services resulting in the formation of JCWS which was dedicated to building innovative means to facilitate automatic fire, lighting, environmental control and other services. IAP was founded in the year 1990, at Irmo, with a ready contract to provide supplies for the US Army on They, later on, became a trusted partner with the military and they still continue to serve them with transportation, disaster relief, and power generation services. Later on in the year 2005, IAP Worldwide Services was formed on acquiring the JCWA along with RMS.

Humanitarian aid projects
Over the course of time, IAP Worldwide services have come a long way and have established a name for themselves overseas. They have a large clientele base ranging from private sectors to the government sectors. When disaster strikes, they are quick to provide the essential supplies and power required.


IAP Worldwide and its Service to the Public

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IAP is a leading service provider that specializes in global-scale management, facilities management, and technical services globally. IAP has over 2000 employees and extends their services to 25 countries across the world. IAP’s mission is to solve challenging problems with the use of proven technology and expertise. They are determined to meet their customer’s needs, and to providing safe, innovative solutions.

The IAP team takes ownership of each engagement and pursues it to arrive at the results needed. The team never rests until they meet your expectations. Urgent response is their culture, flexibility, and creativity. For any critical problem, the team avails itself and immediately gets down doing the needful.
The IAP Worldwide team is committed to their customers and partners. What makes this team perform and meet their customers’ expectations is the fact they welcome creativity, appreciate and support each other as a team. They respect each other’s views, contribution, and experience, be it from admin to veteran employees.

Their core values encourage them to work with integrity and humility. They also provide leadership, pursue growth and learning. The team works together guided by their core values to meet their mission.

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IAP team is open to working together with different organizations who share the same mission with them. They welcome ideas, expertise, and experience of their partners. The mission is solving customer’s complex problems; they collaborate with suppliers to making a positive impact. Most of their partners have served in the armed forces who present incredible knowledge to the industry.

The IAP team is not only dedicated to their customers, but also to the environment and community. As part of their corporate responsibility, the team is always involved in projects that give back to the community. As part of showing gratitude and appreciation to the community, the team has helped in restoring the severely eroded shoreline. Also in a project meant to improve literacy the team volunteered to read 3rd-grade classes. Towards the environment the team also participated in planting new mash grass.

The organization has also helped the international government agencies to meet demanding challenges and solving complex problems. The company has a good reputation due to its ability to accommodate changes in the rapidly growing global environment.

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