Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies is a Company That Is Taking The Steps That Are Required To Ensure They’re Providing Inmates and their Visitors an Opportunity in Which They Can Communicate With One Another Conveniently

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Securus Technologies is providing inmates with an incredible opportunity in which they’re provided an opportunity to chat with their relatives, significant others, co-workers, or anyone else who they may consider visitor(s) through a mode of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) are not required to leave their places of residence.


If you’re not sure about exactly how you may be able to benefit from the program that is currently being offered by the company of Securus Technologies, it’s recommended for you to visit the website, as there’s many details pertaining to it on there. You may come to discover one of the greatest opportunities is being provided to communities through its utilization, as it is a program that is offering them solutions of having crimes solved. When/if criminal matters are discussed over the videoconferencing sessions that occur between visitor(s) and inmates, law enforcement agencies can use those very segments in court to proceed with investigations should it be necessary.


Securus technologies is not your ordinary communications system by any means, as it is a program that has been created to offer inmates, their visitor(s), and communities benefits in several different ways. If you’re wanting to see whether the program is compatible with your particular device(s), it’s recommended for you to speak with a consultant who may be able to provide you with an adequate amount of instructions to find out. If you do not see Securus Technologies listed for utilization at the correctional facility that you need to utilize it in on the list that is available on its website, it is recommended for you to contact the communications dept. of the correctional facility where you are wanting to utilize it in. They may be able to have it installed for you. Visit the website of Securus Technologies today!


Securus Technologies Remains A Leader In Prison Technology

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Prison is not the first place that a lot of us think of as somewhere they needs a lot of technology. We have this outdated mindset of thinking of the place as a simple building with some cells and a lot of people we don’t want to be near. The modern prison is actually more complex than this though, and it requires a fair bit of technology to keep it running smoothly and safely.


Securus Technologies is a company that develops a lot of the technology that is used in prisons to keep everyone safe. They are primarily known for their call monitoring technology which enables prison officials to monitor all calls made within prison walls.


The company recently wanted to know how they were doing and how their products were impacting the day to day lives of law enforcement officials who work in the prisons. They were pleased with the thousands of responses that they received and the uplifting comments that they heard.


Some officials said that the call monitoring made it possible to track down people who were going to commit crimes in the future, or perhaps those who had already done something bad and were talking about it with someone from the outside.


One response received by Securus talked about how officials were able to find a corrupt member among their ranks and weed this person out. The last thing you want in a prison is someone that you cannot trust in law enforcement. That could make a bad situation a whole lot worse when it all comes down to it. Instead, they were able to find out about this person and take the proper steps to get them away from important roles in the organization.


Although we do not think about them everyday, Securus is doing their best to ensure that we don’t have to but that we remain safe anyway.


What is Securus Doing Now?

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The company that is behind some of the biggest jail technology in the past decade is going to have something else big for jails across the country. Securus, the company that is behind inmate email systems as well as more affordable options for phone calls, is now working to promote video chatting systems in prisons and jails around the country. They have worked with many wardens and administrations to ensure that the inmates are able to get what they need out of these video chats. The video visits are the way that visits will be done in the future but they are happening right now.


It is often just not convenient for families to visit their loved ones in prison. It can take a lot of time to get there, the travel can be expensive and families may simply not want to bring children to visit adults who are in jail. It poses a problem for people who want to see their loved ones but who simply don’t want to or cannot travel to the prison. This is especially true for inmates of federal and state prisons that may be hundreds of miles away from where the family lives at. Video visits fix this problem.


The kiosks that were first provided by Securus will now be equipped with the features that include video visits. There is no way that families will not be able to see their loved ones with these because they don’t actually have to travel anywhere to see their loved ones who are in prison. They can see them right on a phone or a computer screen and will be able to talk to them no matter where they live at. It is something that is perfect for nearly all situations.


One of the biggest groups of people that this technology will benefit is children whose parents are incarcerated. Because of the problems that come along with visiting a jail, many children do not get to see one or both of their parents while they are in jail. The video technology allows the child to stay out of the prison and to be able to talk to their loved ones face to face. This is important for development and something that all children need to be given the option to do. It is an ideal way for people to see their children and lift the morale in the prison.

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