Whistleblower Case Leads to High Payday

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Jordan A. Thomas, an SEC whistleblower attorney at Labaton Sucharow, has successfully represented another client in court, which has led to a payout of seventeen million dollars. This result is just one of the many big paydays that have been awarded to whistleblowers, who are people that have come to find certain information, which is usually based around fraud and corruption. In these types of cases, if a whistleblower comes forward and it leads to a case where a company is found to be in violation, the court is likely going to levy sanctions against them. One of the best parts about getting a great SEC whistleblower lawyer is the fact that the whistleblower is entitled to 30 percent of the total sanctions that are levied against the company. In the case of Jordan A. Thomas’s most recent client, the sanctions were high enough that a full seventeen million dollars was awarded, making this the second highest amount paid to a whistleblower.

There are increasing numbers of whistleblower cases these days, based primarily on the Frank-Dodd Act, which is an act that allows certain protections to whistleblowers, as well as incentives in the form of money. The combination of these two incentives have literally opened the flood gates and in a few short years, the Securities Exchange Commission has wiped out quite a bit of corruption. One of the biggest fears that whistleblowers have had in the past, was that if they did make the move to come forward, their jobs would be on the line. Many people that are in this position have families that they have to provide for, making the decision to come forward an incredibly difficult one. Luckily, the Frank-Dodd act has simplified things greatly and for those people that are in the know on massive corruption or fraud, they may be looking at a big payday for coming forward.

It is very important to realize that in dealing with these types of cases, you should always find a lawyer that knows whistleblower cases in and out. Companies such as Labaton Sucharow have had a tremendous amount of success, so by seeking out one of these law firms that do specialize in SEC whistleblower cases and have a proven track record of success, your plight should be a lot easier. While it may be a tough decision to come forward, it is a lot better being a whistleblower today than ten years ago.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Corruption has a major contributor to the downfall of the economy in many countries world over. Whistleblowers all over the world have decided to break their silence and talk about the major areas of corruption in their countries. The Securities Exchange Commission has not been left behind as well as the United States. The Congress endorsed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reforms and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The enactment has been described as the most extensive refurbishment of the U.S financial protocols since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act established several modifications amongst them being the formation of the whistleblower program. The program will enable individuals who inform possible defilement of the federal security law to Security Exchange Commission to be protected and offered financial enticements.

Laboton Sucharow, a law firm in the United States, was the first to legislate the program that will enable the protection and the advocacy of SEC Whistleblower. The firm has a world class whistleblower package that offers total; protection for their clients through a dedicated team of investigators, forensic accountants as well as financial analysts. Their team of expertise has a vast knowledge and experience in both federal and state law and can represent the SEC whistleblowers adequately.

The individuals who provide information about alleged corruption are paid an amount of money about 10-30% of the total cash collected, after a successful enforcement of the action if the value exceeds $1 million. The Dodd-Frank Act also protects the employees who report corruption acts in their organizations from being laid-off.

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer always represents the Whistleblower. The first step in approaching the whistleblower lawyer is to decide whether the case is good enough. Concluding if the case is good gives the Whistleblower lawyer a solid foundation of how to investigate as well as winning the case. The Whistleblower lawyer can inspect the corruption allegations to identify a witness as well as the evidence available. The next thing they do is to assess the financial influences of your protests and work hand in hand with financial specialists who can examine the worth of the monetary approval. The next thing the Whistleblower Attorney does is to collaborate with the important government agencies to protect their client as well as seeing the payment process succeeds. The SEC Whistleblower Attorney always makes sure that the case does not delay as the SEC cases have strict time limits.

SEC Whistleblower Lawyers Can Represent You

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Locating an SEC whistleblower attorney has never been easier, as there are quite a few law offices these days that deal solely with these types of cases. Ten years ago, there were no lawyers that focused on this type of specialization, but based on the protection acts that were put in place in the year 2010, there are now quite a few law firms that only take whistleblower cases. Anyone that would like to come out as a whistleblower should think about hiring an SEC whistleblower lawyer to represent them, as they are going to be the best suited to handle your case effectively and efficiently. When you consider the fact that there are now payouts of up to thirty percent, based on the amount of money that is eventually fined to a business that a whistleblower has blown the whistle on, it is well worth it to find a lawyer that really knows what they are doing.

Some of the things that have come along with these protection acts that have been set in place are full protection from the employer and no list of being blacklisted. One of the worst parts about coming out with information in the past was the fact that people were literally putting their jobs, their lives and their livelihoods on the line. To top it off, most people that came forward would be blacklisted from their field of work, which means that a ton of whistleblowers would never be able to be employed again. Things have changed for the better, as the SEC whistleblower program has provided a ton of protection for whistleblowers.

Not only is there quite a bit of less risk for whistleblowers, but there is a lot of money that can be awarded as well. Hiring a great lawyer that knows how to work these types of cases is going to be the best shot at walking away with a great deal of money. While there are protections in place, in terms of preventing employees from being fired and knocked out of their field of business in the future for coming forward as a whistleblower, it is still important to understand that there can be risks in the future. The financial incentives are a great way for whistleblowers to feel secure about coming forward, in case they aren’t able to get work in the future for whatever reason, so make sure you find a great lawyer that understands SEC cases.

Discover How To Find A Whistleblower Attorney In Your Area

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PRN Newswire has created a front page article that features Labaton Sucharow, the first attorney to dedicate his entire practice to SEC laws. He recently won one of the biggest SEC settlements in U.S. history for one of his clients. Sucharow admits that the SEC laws are very complicated and require a professional. However, Sucharow has implemented some of the modifications to the Dodd-Frank act that protects whistleblower’s from harassment, threats, and loss of their job. Sucharow says, that you privacy is important because often times people that blow the whistle are black listed and find it very hard to find a job and this is why his firm fights for everything that you’re entitled to.

The Dodd-Frank acts allows you to receive 10-30% of any claims that come from your information provided that the claim is over a million dollars. They require that you receive adequate compensation and the right to keep your job. He ensures that you will be able to sit down with him and find out exactly where you stand with your claim. You can get the compensation that you deserve and keep your dream job with a SEC whistleblower attorney. They provide assistance when an outside agency also decides that they want to prosecute.

A SEC whistleblower lawyer is going to work on a contingency basis and won’t collect unless you win your case. They are there to provide you with all the details and specifications of your case. You get financial incentives for helping the SEC close their investigation by saving them valuable time. You will receive any additional awards based on any other legal action that has been taken. Don’t fight the SEC claim on your own. Hire a legal SEC attorney that is there to fight for your legal rights.

Sucharow is one of the largest SEC firms in the industry and has over 40 years of experience. If you’re in a situation that calls for legal advice you should always seek out a legal representative for details on your legal action. There are a number of people that haven’t used an attorney and it has threatened their job security and stopped them from getting the money that they deserve. Compensation is important to the whistleblower because you have provided information that wouldn’t have been otherwise known. Sucharow says that securities fraud is the leading financial crime that hurts investors and causes distrust. Find out how to hire a SEC attorney in your area today.