FreedomPop Showcases Huge Growth

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FreedomPop is the mobile carrier that has slowly, but assuredly, taking over the tech world for the better part of the past couple of years. With so many people getting tired of their conventional mobile plans with restrictive contracts and reductive data plans, it only made sense to use that FreedomPop found some room to grow in a serious way. FreedomPop has been proudly disrupting the conventional wisdom in the mobile service world for awhile now and the latest FreedomPop review batch has been nothing but positive.


The FreedomPop Way

What FreedomPop brings to customers is alarmingly simple and yet hard for most people to understand. FreedomPop offers customers completely free mobile service which includes talk minutes, text messages, and yes even mobile data for usage on the internet. All FreedomPop users are supplied with the completely free core plan which is centered around the 500 MB of mobile data that is completely free. This service is meant to be used as an entrance into what FreedomPop can provide their customers. Once people see that the service is free and effective there is hope that customers will seek to upgrade.


Customers who choose to upgrade with FreedomPop will have a proverbial buffet of data upgrades, plan increases, and product choices. FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols has always opted to market FreedomPop as a sort of digital shopping mall will customers can pick and choose exactly what they want so that it’ll cater to their needs. This means that FreedomPop will avoid shoving down restrictive contracts toward their customers.


For customers who are relatively social and influential there are ways to earn free services. Customers who use FreedomPop can utilize surveys and offers that are prompted via their phones in order to earn more data. You’ll see services like Netflix, mobile games, and even FreeCreditReport out there offering people the chance to earn data and more talk/text. FreedomPop users can also be rewarded through a referral program.


These advances aren’t exactly new for people who have been paying attention, though. FreedomPop has been pushing the envelope for awhile now ever since their $30 million funding acquisition, as reported by Tech Crunch. FreedomPop has spent much of the past year or so working on expanding their wireless network with a series of servers and hotspots throughout the United States. Now they are pushing FreedomPop as the next, big, connected network and we can’t wait to utilize it.





FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month


FreedomPop Is My New Phone Resource At The Shelter

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FreedomPop is new resources that we use for phone calls at the shelter, and it is because they make free phones and free phone plans. I have actually gotten people signed up for the service because of the FreedomPop review that I read, and I know that all these people can get the things that they need just by having a phone that works. You might think that it is not that simple, but FreedomPop has made it simpler. There are many people who need to be sure that they are looking for a better way to have help, and that is where FreedomPop comes in.

I get a few of these phones every month, and I try to hand them out to the people that I see. I know that they are very excited to talk on the phone with people they know, and they might be able to get someone to come help them. That means that we can resolve a lot of problems, and it also helps me to make sure that I can help these people beyond making them stand in line in front of just one phone. The phone itself is a lot better than just telling them it will be ok.
I want to be sure that every single person who is trying to get the results that they need is going to have a FreedomPop cell phone to talk on. The phones have free plans that I teach people how to use, and I had them out a lot to make sure that all the residents can get something that helps. I have a phone that I take for granted sometimes, but now my residents are able to get the cell phone that they have been dying to use for a long time.