Paul Wesley Expands His Range Of Skills

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The skills of the actor Paul Wesley have always been well-known in front of the camera but in recent times he has been stretching himself with challenging roles on the stage and behind the camera. As an actor, Paul Wesley has become a popular television star with his recurring role in The CW series, “The Vampire Diaries” which he joined the cast of in 2009 and remains an important character within.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley made the move behind the camera as a director for episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” and later met with critical acclaim for his first attempt as a producer on the critically acclaimed independent movie, “Before I Disappear” which was released in 2014. Writer/director Shawn Christensen had already won an Oscar for a short film which was used as the basis for “Before I Disappear” and had stretched the short film into a feature Wesley both produced and acted in.

Paul Wesley

Despite being known for appearing in young adult-based dramas on the TV from his first appearances in “Wolf Lake” to roles in “The O.C.”, Paul Wesley has looked to explore his own personality and experiences through some critically-acclaimed work on the stage. The play, “Cam in Camo” featured Paul Wesley as the titular, Cal who is spending time with his family after the death of his wife; Wesley explained in a recent interview he had not experienced a loss of such proportions as that seen by his character in “Cal in Camo” but felt his range as an actor had expanded because of the role. A similar experience was explored by Paul Wesley in the 2014 movie, “Amira and Sam” which featured Wesley as a crooked hedge fund manager using his army hero cousin, Sam to develop his nefarious money-making schemes.

Paul Wesley

Capital Group and their Analysis of Economic Activity in the Last Few Months

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Capital Group has made some changes of the last couple of years and in 2015 they have brought onboard an energetic executive with a wealth of experience to run their firm. Timothy Armour was named the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group as a result of the passing of former Chairman Jim Rothenberg. Mr. Armour has over 32 years of experience as an investment specialist and he has spent all of his time working in the investment industry with Capital Group.

Mr. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. Mr. Armour began his career at Capital Group when he was accepted to participate in the firm’s Associates Program. This program was designed to give Mr. Armour all of the necessary training and career development skills that would be needed in order to perform effectively with Capital Group. Mr. Armour’s analytical expertise while working with Capital Group has also helped some global telecommunications and U.S. service companies make some pretty smart investment decisions.

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Ms. Janet Yang, Certified Financial Advisor, and colleague of Mr. Armour at Capital Group holds Mr. Armour in high regard. Ms. Yang especially understands the advantages that Mr. Armour brings to the group. She understands Mr. Armour’s strategic ability to see the possibilities of what a marketplace will look like in the future.

Currently Mr. Armour is working with Samsung Asset Management and they are working together to bring retirement solutions and asset allocation solutions to the marketplace. This co-partnership will also be an enhancement toward Samsung Asset Management’s investment capabilities. Mr. Armour briefly stated that the partnership will enhance the quality and participation of Korean citizens through the Samsung Asset Management partnership.

According to Mr. Timothy Armour the September 2016 market selloff is a true indication that a financial correction is going to be coming along in the near future. Mr. Armour stated that he strongly believes that market corrections are healthy for the economy, and they remove unwanted excess out of the marketplace. Mr. Armour also believes that the September 2016 sell off is also an indicator that the investment economy is gearing up to be more openly shared with the public, rather than operating traditionally as an economic engine that is closed to outsiders.

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