Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Create Data Precision Operating Systems To Battle Cancer

by GSR2016 .

Every year, thousands of people lose the battle to cancer and leave their loved ones behind to go through immense grief and pain. A few years ago, Eric Lefkofsky, helped his wife win the battle against breast cancer, and although they were triumphant, this made the couple realize the gap between available patient information versus the actual usable data that can be used to create compelling treatment plans. This realization gave birth to Tempus, an initiative by Eric Lefkofsky that uses data precision devices to compute large chunks of data and make it usable to formulate patient-specific treatment plans.

Eric Lefkofsky faced various challenges when he conceptualized data precision devices, better known as the operating system that can battle cancer. The first of these obstacles was to get access to patient data, and when this barrier was crossed, the next challenge was to make sense of written and typed doctor’s notes as well as other significant chunks of patient data. This situation was remedied by including natural language processing and optical character recognition capabilities as part of the data precision devices. This power moved allowed text fields to be captured, digitally inputted and analyzed accurately. The result of this entire process was to be able to read free text fields, with critical notes and transform all these pieces of data into structured and usable information

Tempus is powered primarily by Eric Lefkofsky and his core team and is supported by his wife who understands the importance of the need for this technology. The data precision devices gather molecular data as well as other information, compute and transform seemingly random doctor’s assessments into an actual treatment plan that is designed keeping the nature and intensity of the ailment in mind.

Together with the love and support of his wife, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This private charitable fund, aids in the attempts to advance high-impact techniques to improve the lives of various social groups and communities. Eric Lefkofsky also acts as a Trustee in various organizations in and around Chicago. One of these medical organizations includes the Lurie Children’s Hospital.