George Soros Gangs with donors to resist Trump

by GSR2016 .

Rich liberals among them George Soros had a gathering that lasted for three days with the aim of coming up with strategies to fight Donald Trump and take power back. They had spent a lot of money so as to ensure Hillary Clinton wins elections. The closed door meeting took place in Washington, and it started on Sunday. It took place at an expensive hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. The meeting was sponsored by a club for Democrats and George Soros, which is influential and powerful.

Those who attended include some of the union leaders and liberals like George Soros. Leaders such as Nancy Pelosi who is House Democratic leader, senator Elizabeth Warren and a co-chairman for Congressional Progressive Caucus, Keith Ellison were among the leaders who attended the congress as noted from an agenda and other documents.

It marked the first main meeting of the left institution since Donald Trump emerged victorious defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Trump’s win came as a shock to the world as many expected otherwise. George Soros and liberal’s plans are to stage warfare against Donald Trump since he won the elections. Some of their projects focus on the elections in 2017 and 2018 while others are to make sure that they upset plans of Trump in which he wants to do away with Obama’s achievements.

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As the meeting was happening, many liberals were also reviewing the way they had approached the elections. The role of the Democratic Alliance of George Soros, a club responsible for financing was also questionable. The organization, the donors, and groups which benefit over the years have had the primary role in organizing the left institution and even positioned some prominent organizations around Clinton. They focused on the idea that minorities and women make the rising American electorate hoping it could shape the elections to Democrats.

Trump won the elections with massive support from the whites who are working class hence their strategy did not work. The beneficiary groups of Democratic Alliance used climate change and role of money in politics to woo the voters, but it was not the case as shown by the exit polls. One of the strategists of Democrats and who has been active in the group by attending the gathering was heard citing that the DA should be called into question.

There was another liberal who saw it differently, and he did not find it important for the DA to use a different approach when it comes to politics altogether. In contrast, the operative rejected the idea claiming that they should not learn the wrong lesson from the election. His claims were that Clinton was on track to winning the popular vote and that Trump got fewer votes the last GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. His concept was that they should encourage their people to vote primarily on the day of the election.

The president of the DA, Gara LaMarche however, said that there was some reassessment that was in order. He claims that one cannot lose an election he/she was expected to win unless there were mistakes and assumptions on their strategies and tactics. He said that if they are to resist the Trump administration, then they should do reassessment without rushing and pointing fingers at one another and by so doing it possible for them to take power back in the states in 2017 and 2018.

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