Looking at the Role Played by Securus Technologies in Deterring and Solving Crime

by GSR2016 .

On October 21, 2016, Securus Technologies, a top provider of both criminal and civil justice technology solutions, revealed several facility comments made by customers. The comments revolved around the use of technology not only to solve but also prevent crimes such as inmate-on-inmate crimes. As such the company published a sample of comments from email and formal letter communications, which were received from jail and prison officials across the US. According to Rick Smith, Securus’ CEO and chairperson, the comments pointed out how what Securus Technologies builds helps to keep the society including parolees safer.


Some of the comments published showed how monitoring of calls has allowed corrections officials to learn about illegal activities in their facility such as drug selling and alcohol use. One of the comment cited that Securus’ reporting data had boosted the agency’s proactive measures in both deterring and monitoring incidence of contraband in all their facilities. The company’s investigation tools were also commended for allowing prison officials or staff to conduct thorough investigations in the case of harassment complaints.


The sheriff’s department acknowledged the LBS software from Securus in one of the sample comments. According to the department, integrating the software with other law enforcement tools had allowed it to recover millions in terms of illegal drugs, assets and cash. Additionally, another comment emphasized that the combination of Investigator Pro with LBS makes Securus a top jail telephone provider


A Close Focus on Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies prides itself on being one of the largest and leading providers of government information solutions and parole tracking in the US. Currently, the service provider serves an estimate of 2600 correctional facilities located in about 45 states in the US, Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia. As such, Securus Technologies also serves over 1,000,000 inmates countrywide. This feat has propelled the company to become a prominent leader in the provision of responsive customer service and innovative technical solutions that target both corrections and law enforcement communities.