OSI Group: The Leader in Food Solutions

by GSR2016 .

From a glance the OSI Group company looks like a normal company, but a closer look at its operations will give you a different outlook. OSI was established in 1909 in Illinois, Chicago and since then they have established a worthwhile reputation.

It is an entrepreneurial company with a different version of operation. Unlike most of the companies that have dictatorship, OSI operates as a family to achieve its goals.

Many of the brands in the world regard them as their ultimate food provider. Why, because of their unwavering passion and dedication.

Even though the company has established their services in many different countries, it still remains a privately held company. This means that they continue to offer quality services to their customers.


They are the leading company dealing with meat and meat products. The company offers different products to their customers. They include;

  • Bacon; they produce a variety of bacon products in a different sizes. You will get access to fully cooked bacon, par cooked, bacon pits and chips.
  • Breakfast sausages; you can get them as raw sausages, fully cooked patties and breakfast sausages, collagen casing, skinless and links
  • Cooked beef and pork; they offer a variety from meatballs to ribettes.
  • Hot dogs and the specialty sausages
  • Raw chicken
  • Fully processed chicken
  • Pizza
  • Kettle and smoked products
  • Sandwich assembly

Growth of the Company

OSI Group has grown since it was launched in 1909. It has established and enlarged their services in different countries. In 2016, the company was listed number 58 in the Forbes America’s Largest Private companies. In the same year, they announced that they will be acquiring the Flagship Europe. This is a company that has established itself as the food service supplier in UK.

The acquisition will increase the presence of OSI in Europe. Flagship is a company that deals with frozen poultry products, pies, sauces and the dressings. These products will complement the OSI meat products.

Before the acquisition, Flagship Europe had already acquired the Calder foods. This is a company that deals with sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades and dips.

The access to the new clients and employees will broaden and strengthen the OSI group company position in the industry. It will also open new opportunities and enlarge the manufacturing capabilities of the company.

OSI group also purchased a warehouse and a food processing facility.