Using Insurance to Achieve Economic Independence: Dublin’s Own David Giertz Provides Some Insight

Economic independence is a goal for everyone. Everyone desires to be financially independent. This can be achieved using a plan. Most people do not know how to develop a plan towards financial independence. A financial advisor comes in handy. Financial advisors help an individual to develop an achievable and realistic goal. The best financial advisors give a person tailor-made options. This is because the financial state of a person is different from everyone else’s. Financial advisors enable people to make informed decisions on LinkedIn. They are able to make many people acquire financial independence using these decisions.

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He enables people to achieve financial independence using insurance covers. Insurance covers are a method towards financial independence. This channel enables people to save while covering themselves against any future health issue. It also enables people to have money that can be used as a security towards calamity. People can have one solution that can be used to meet multipurpose needs. They will be in a position to achieve financial independence in the long run. David Giertz uses insurance plans to develop the economic muscle of individuals. This is a platform to enable financial success in the society. David offers solutions for people depending on the different economic resources that they have.

David Giertz enables people to understand the different ways they can achieve economic success. This enables the society to have more individuals who are economically independent. They are able to achieve different goals in life. People should look out for financial advisors who give them the correct information about financial independence at They should look out for ways that they can use as channels towards economic success. People should invest in the correct financial advisors. The plans offered by financial advisors will enable them to achieve economic success.

Securus Technologies is a Company That Is Taking The Steps That Are Required To Ensure They’re Providing Inmates and their Visitors an Opportunity in Which They Can Communicate With One Another Conveniently

Securus Technologies is providing inmates with an incredible opportunity in which they’re provided an opportunity to chat with their relatives, significant others, co-workers, or anyone else who they may consider visitor(s) through a mode of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) are not required to leave their places of residence.


If you’re not sure about exactly how you may be able to benefit from the program that is currently being offered by the company of Securus Technologies, it’s recommended for you to visit the website, as there’s many details pertaining to it on there. You may come to discover one of the greatest opportunities is being provided to communities through its utilization, as it is a program that is offering them solutions of having crimes solved. When/if criminal matters are discussed over the videoconferencing sessions that occur between visitor(s) and inmates, law enforcement agencies can use those very segments in court to proceed with investigations should it be necessary.


Securus technologies is not your ordinary communications system by any means, as it is a program that has been created to offer inmates, their visitor(s), and communities benefits in several different ways. If you’re wanting to see whether the program is compatible with your particular device(s), it’s recommended for you to speak with a consultant who may be able to provide you with an adequate amount of instructions to find out. If you do not see Securus Technologies listed for utilization at the correctional facility that you need to utilize it in on the list that is available on its website, it is recommended for you to contact the communications dept. of the correctional facility where you are wanting to utilize it in. They may be able to have it installed for you. Visit the website of Securus Technologies today!


Sawyer Howitt Sees Opportunities with Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and has been preparing for a career in the field for many years. He has always made sure that he is doing what he can to make things better for people who are in different situations and has come a long way with the opportunities that he has. Sawyer Howitt is committed to being able to make sure that he can get more out of the different situations that he is in. Thanks to all of the new opportunities that have come his way, Sawyer Howitt is sure that he will be able to do more with the Meriwether Group. As an entrepreneur, he plans on making major decisions for the Meriwether Group. He is going to make changes and bring new information to the group. As someone who is new on the scene and is young compared to some of the other people who work for the company, Sawyer Howitt is confident that he can bring about change at Meriwether.

While Sawyer Howitt has a long way to go with the career moves that he plans on making by the end of his career, he is still doing a lot at the Meriwether Group. He started out as a project manager and has excelled in this position. He used the experience that he got from the practice that he had at the group to make himself better suited for the position. This has given him the options that he needs to make sure that things are going to work out for the company and for him overall. Visit him on

David Howitt, Sawyer’s father, is in charge of many operations at the Meriwether Group. He has worked hard to make the company successful and he plans on using Sawyer’s expertise in the future. David Howitt knows that he has prepared his son well and that he will be able to be even more successful with the options that he has. Depending on how well Sawyer Howitt does in the different situations that he is in, David Howitt plans on helping him learn more about the Meriwether Group and the subsequent operations at the company.


Wild Art Organizes Exotic Trips that Teach About Sustainability and the Wilderness

Wild Ark’s mission is to protect and conserve land and bio-diverse wildlife from around the world. The organization was started by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson and a group that is passionate about conservation. They offer some exciting eco-friendly trips to exotic places around the world. When you go on one of their trips it contributes to protecting and sustaining the region that you visit.


Their African Trails 28 day trip is designed for nature lovers, hikers and guides. The location is in South Africa or Botswana. The time will be spent hiking or on bush walks in the Kruger National Park or Mashatu Reserve. Our guides conduct these hikes in different wilderness areas. Your knowledge will increase when you take our tours.


The tour is lead by Eco Training a safari and tour guide in Africa that was established in 1993. The educate travelers about the importance of wilderness. They are the educational partners of Wild Ark. The accommodations for the trip are tented camps located in wildlife conservancies. Travelers tent setup includes bedding. The area has no fences so many wild animals visit the area and travelers get a chance to see diverse wildlife.


All meals are included breakfast, brunch, afternoon meal. and dinner. When you take the trip you will be instructed on what to bring for the trip. Eco Training has trained experienced guides that lead each trip.


Another trip offered through Wild Ark is the Botswana Photographic Safaris. It has almost 365 days of sunshine and one of the largest populations of elephants. It is designed for amateur and professional photographers that want to get those spectacular shots of wildlife.


The guides for this trip are photographers and trained guides. These tours last about 10 days. During the trip they teach you about technical lighting and composition. They provide tented accommodations in private campgrounds. To learn more about Wild Ark trips visit the Wild Ark website and fill out online travel inquiry form.

Securus Technologies Remains A Leader In Prison Technology

Prison is not the first place that a lot of us think of as somewhere they needs a lot of technology. We have this outdated mindset of thinking of the place as a simple building with some cells and a lot of people we don’t want to be near. The modern prison is actually more complex than this though, and it requires a fair bit of technology to keep it running smoothly and safely.


Securus Technologies is a company that develops a lot of the technology that is used in prisons to keep everyone safe. They are primarily known for their call monitoring technology which enables prison officials to monitor all calls made within prison walls.


The company recently wanted to know how they were doing and how their products were impacting the day to day lives of law enforcement officials who work in the prisons. They were pleased with the thousands of responses that they received and the uplifting comments that they heard.


Some officials said that the call monitoring made it possible to track down people who were going to commit crimes in the future, or perhaps those who had already done something bad and were talking about it with someone from the outside.


One response received by Securus talked about how officials were able to find a corrupt member among their ranks and weed this person out. The last thing you want in a prison is someone that you cannot trust in law enforcement. That could make a bad situation a whole lot worse when it all comes down to it. Instead, they were able to find out about this person and take the proper steps to get them away from important roles in the organization.


Although we do not think about them everyday, Securus is doing their best to ensure that we don’t have to but that we remain safe anyway.


Succeeding in business-Tips and tricks from Vijay Eswaran

There are many people that start their SMEs every year, unfortunately, most of these are unable to break even and up to 50 percent of them are closed down before they reach their second year of business. One of the entrepreneurs that have been in business for a long time, and therefore understands what it means to be in a business that grows is Vijay Eswaran.

He is of Malaysian origin and is the current chairman of the QI group. He has a vast experience in work which includes working in Canada, Australia, Europe and the US. He is a motivational and investment speaker who has been recognized multiple times for his talents and achievements.

When he started out, he wanted to understand different business models, hence the work experience in the many countries. After working for a decade, he decided to go back hoe and try his hand in business. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Together with a long time friend of his, he co-founded the QI group. The business model that fascinated him the most was multi level marketing or MLM.

According to MIM Nation, Vijay Eswaran knew that with the right products and the right guidance in the process, the idea he had in place would be an instant success. The business that he co-founded was to market travel, luxury goods, wellness, training and corporate events and many others.

The QI group started from a very humble place but has expanded to reach their influence in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

There are many business principles that Vijay believes in, but the most important of these to him is the process of meditation. He states that it is very important to meditate for about an hour every morning before you start your business. He has even published a book that is known as “In the Sphere of Silence”, which elaborates the concept. Other books that he has also published include, “ In the thinking zone and ‘stepping stones’.

Vijay is also very passionate about philanthropy. One of the charity organizations that he has founded with the QI group is the RHYTHM Foundation.

This deals with giving back to the society, especially those that market or is involved in the marketing of the products that are part of the QI group.

Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About The Importance Of Sanitation

A lot of people understand the importance of sanitation. However, there are some areas in the world that are not as sanitized as others. Fortunately, there are people around that want to talk about the issue of sanitation on For one thing, they are interested in letting people know the dangers of certain elements in the city. Some of the common areas of sanitation that cities and towns deal with are water and sewage. It is very important to make sure that these are under control. For one thing, it is important to dispose of sewage. Also, it is important to make sure that citizens are getting clean water.

Among the people that know a lot about sanitation is Felipe Montoro Jens. He is very passionate about making sure that people are living a clean life. For one thing, Felipe Montoro Jens knows the dangers of dealing with unclean contaminated water. People who drink that will likely get sick. In some cases, the contaminated water has a taste to it that leaves a hint on what it is contaminated with. Also, when people know about the content of their water, then they will come to realize why they shouldn’t be drinking it.

Felipe Montoro Jens and other people have talked about the different issues that are faced with sanitation projects on Of course they are looking for ways to improve how sewage and sanitation are handled. Felipe Montoro Jens himself is very eager to handle this issue because he has a passion for making sure that people experience the greatest health possible in their society. As of right now, they are talking about two areas of sanitation. There is the public sector of sanitation and the private sector. Felipe Montoro Jens cares mostly about being able to handle the sanitation in a fast and efficient way.


Traveling Vineyard Merits

Traveling Vineyard organization began in 2001 in America. Their fundamental point in those days was to make wine less stuffy which they have accomplished today.

The organization has distinctive sorts of wine in three unique classifications which include: Red, white, and fizzy and sweet. They additionally offer option stuff, for example, decanters and chillers. Their wines have a high client rating. There are diverse ways which you can join the Traveling Vineyard business model.

First, you can join the wine guide bundle for 174 dollars which incorporate a success kit and tasting sets. Success kit contains all that you require like a decanter and brochures. As a wine guide, you can get an electric opener by getting 750 dollars deals inside sixty days. Wine guides get the commission in light of their month to month deals volume. Their commissions extend between 15-35 rate of their aggregate sales. Payments are done in three circumstances a month.

The essential ways which you can earn with Traveling Vineyard yard incorporate online sales, home tasting events, monthly wine club deals and building team, workers are likewise qualified for some incentives. One of the advantages of working with Traveling Vineyard is that they are very moral in watching business laws. Furthermore, as you work with the organization there is no weight to work since you can work as minimal as you wish since there is no month to month deals quota.

Furthermore, it requires minimal expenditure to get in their business. Due to the high wine utilization rate, you can be constantly guaranteed to get clients and profit easily. Finally, the greatest development for Traveling Vineyard is their great connection with wine purchasers through social media. They have set their items benefits and furthermore their organization objectives to their web-based social networking stages henceforth making more individuals comprehend and love their services.

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Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss based entrepreneur who currently owns a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps entrepreneurs get the funding and guidance they need to make their businesses successful. Along with being involved in entrepreneurship, Mike Baur has also invested in startup companies for many years. This allowed him to get experience with these types of companies. When he invested in startup companies, he was able to realize the potential for startup companies. Prior to investing in startup companies, Mike spent over two decades working in the banking sector. When he as working for a number of banks, he would often work with entrepreneurs and help them get the funding necessary to reach their goals.

When Mike first began his career, he worked at a number of banks that specialized in helping businesses. During his stint at the banks, he would meet with a number of entrepreneurs and discuss their objectives in terms of staring up and expanding. Since many of these business owners were in need of funding, Mike would help them secure the loans necessary to help them reach their objectives. As well as providing loans to entrepreneurs, Mike would also give them advice and feedback on their business idea and how to best manage their debt. This experience gave him valuable knowledge about startup businesses which would serve him well in the future.

After spending two decades in the banking industry, Mike Baur began investing money in startup companies. When he was investing in startup companies, he would regularly put his own funds into a number of new emerging companies in order to help them operate. For Mike, this activity proved to be highly profitable as he would consistently earn very high returns. As a result, he would make a considerable income which helped improve his own financial situation. Along with improving his financial situation, Mike was also able to come up with funds necessary to startup his own company.

Baur started up his own company Swiss Startup Factory a few years ago. With this new company, he was able to introduce an innovative business model that provides lots of benefits to entrepreneurs. With his company, he is able to hold events in which entrepreneurs can present their business idea. Mike will then evaluate each business idea and select the ones that have the most potential for success. After choosing businesses, Mike then provides funding and mentoring to these entrepreneurs in order to help them reach their full potential for success.

Why Who’s Who Named Brian Bonar 2010 Finance Executive of The Year

Many of us who have dreamed of being captains of industry or mavens of the corporate world have likely desired to follow the example of someone who has achieved success in the world of big business. Our idols are probably people who occupy the C-suites of large corporations that have been around for decades if not a century at least. They work for companies that, while fiscally mature, are also predictable.

The people who have mastered these companies have often done so with the benefit of being able to follow a trail that has been well-trodden and paved by other people. The formula for success in these spaces often, though not always, a blueprint that has already been proven. It is not a blueprint that necessarily requires originality, creativity or innovation.

This path is completely different from the path of the entrepreneur. The process of creating a new business from scratch requires the ability to not only multi-task but to learn how to develop the competencies that are required to keep one’s business afloat. There is no proven blueprint for the entrepreneur to follow so they have to create their own blueprint as they go along, iterating their company and its business model until they find something that works best.

Entrepreneurship does not always allow an entrepreneur the privilege of being able to count on a stable salary but succeeding as an entrepreneur arguably demands more of those who take that risk than it does of professionals who take other routes to employment.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is a business owner who has founded companies like Allegiant Professional Business Service Incorporated, Trucept, Smart-tek Automated Services Incorporated and Bezier Systems. He also owns several restaurants in the San Diego area that have built a strong reputation for offering gourmet food that has been prepared by chefs that are among the best in their field.

Bellamy’s, the restaurant that he has invested in Escondido benefitted greatly from his ability to recruit an incredibly talented French chef to lead its kitchen. Publications like the local outlet San Diego Magazine have noted that Brian Bonar’s restaurant Bellamy’s produces meals that are worth taking the time to stop in and enjoy.

Arguably Bonar’s foray into the restaurant industry in his adopted home town of San Diego is helping to make the city a destination for diners that are seeking out world-class food in California locales outside of the Bay Area. It is likely that Bonar’s approach to business, one that spans industries and that leans heavily on the practice of entrepreneurship helped him earn the professional accolade of being named Cambridge Who’s Who Finance Executive of the Year in 2010.

The accolade no doubt underscores the importance of Bonar’s achievement as a professional whose resume demonstrates how dynamic and diverse a career in business can be. The honor that Bonar received from Cambridge Who’s Who is only given to four business people in each industry each year.