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Securus technology is one of the leading provider for illegal fairness technology and civil for public solutions investigation, monitoring printed today number of capacity clients comments on the use of technology in trying to solve and trying answer and preventing crimes of the inmate and on- inmate misconducts. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas which serves over 3450 communal security, enforcement of law correcting agencies. Over 1,200,000 prisoners across North America, it has been its aim to aid and link by providing emergency reply, informing the public, management of incidents, biometric study, management of information, investigation, self-service of inmates and also monitoring services and the products for making our world a safe and an efficient place to live in.


Securus technology puts its main focus on linking what matters. It is a U.S prison technology with its regional bureaus in Texas, Georgia, Carrollton, and Allen. This organization has about 1,000 workers and is reported to having contracts with 2,600 correctional in the U.S. In July 2016, the company announced that it had an investment which was above $600 million in achievements in the three years in technology and patents.


Brief History

September 2004, Evercom in conjunction with T-Netix which were the two-leading market industry and corrections combined and in June 2007, the Securus Technologies developed the international brand trailblazer in the offender management structures.


Products They Offer

This organization developed a system used in the controlling of the contraband cell phones. In the year 2016, they managed to access results got an approval in many corrections department. Securus united with the Harris Corporation. In 2017, it publicized its wireless suppression solution, which was established to control contraband cell phones from linking to the mobile networks.


Securus Technologies, Inc is, therefore, one of the leading and largest providers of government data for managing solutions and communications for the detainee.