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Sawyer Howitt Works Hard To Make A Difference In Society

by GSR2016 .

Sawyer Howitt became apart of the Meriwether Group, founded by his father, at the young age of 17. The Meriwether Group provides the necessary tools needed within a business to promote growth and success. Sawyer Howitt holds the position as the Project Manager. His responsibilities include leading others in the right direction that is best for the company. He oversees any project efforts performed by the Meriwether Group. His dedication to each and every task speaks volumes. Howitt is known for coming to work everyday with a will to learn new things.

Sawyer Howitt has a great interest in the business industry. He set up his high school courses to cover topics in business and finance. That’s where he directed his focus throughout his high school career. He also joined administrative internships that provided him with some experience. He became knowledgeable about how to run a business from the operational side to the financial side. Sawyer Howitt had a understanding of many different things such as complex spreadsheets and presentations. Nothing proved to be too hard for him. Some would say that Sawyer Howitt has entrepreneurial traits and characteristics because of his mindset. He doesn’t let anything get in his way of achieving his goals. He is planning on attending the University of California, Berkeley, with a major in Entrepreneurial Finance. Other plans include helping other future entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals in a major way.

Regardless of his age, Sawyer Howitt has provided leadership to many different philanthropic organizations that stood for causes like educational funding and women’s rights. He also has been a leader for ethnic study groups and helped to mentor problematic youth. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in music, fashion, health and wellness. He also is a big supporter of The Portland Trail Blazers. He likes to keep up with business interactions all over the world.