Wild Art Organizes Exotic Trips that Teach About Sustainability and the Wilderness

by GSR2016 .

Wild Ark’s mission is to protect and conserve land and bio-diverse wildlife from around the world. The organization was started by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson and a group that is passionate about conservation. They offer some exciting eco-friendly trips to exotic places around the world. When you go on one of their trips it contributes to protecting and sustaining the region that you visit.


Their African Trails 28 day trip is designed for nature lovers, hikers and guides. The location is in South Africa or Botswana. The time will be spent hiking or on bush walks in the Kruger National Park or Mashatu Reserve. Our guides conduct these hikes in different wilderness areas. Your knowledge will increase when you take our tours.


The tour is lead by Eco Training a safari and tour guide in Africa that was established in 1993. The educate travelers about the importance of wilderness. They are the educational partners of Wild Ark. The accommodations for the trip are tented camps located in wildlife conservancies. Travelers tent setup includes bedding. The area has no fences so many wild animals visit the area and travelers get a chance to see diverse wildlife.


All meals are included breakfast, brunch, afternoon meal. and dinner. When you take the trip you will be instructed on what to bring for the trip. Eco Training has trained experienced guides that lead each trip.


Another trip offered through Wild Ark is the Botswana Photographic Safaris. It has almost 365 days of sunshine and one of the largest populations of elephants. It is designed for amateur and professional photographers that want to get those spectacular shots of wildlife.


The guides for this trip are photographers and trained guides. These tours last about 10 days. During the trip they teach you about technical lighting and composition. They provide tented accommodations in private campgrounds. To learn more about Wild Ark trips visit the Wild Ark website http://wildark.com/ and fill out online travel inquiry form.